lux aeterna (origamicat) wrote in egl_comm_sales,
lux aeterna

DS: R-Series Odette Mansion JSK Blue (Reserved!! Found buyer in the meantime)

Selling my Odette Mansion by R-Series. 
See on Taobao

Measurements (min-max):

Bust: 84-94 cm
Waist: 64-74 cm
Total length: 100 cm

Condition: Good. Worn twice.

Price: 50,-€ / 68$

Shipping with insurance: Germany: 6,99,-€ | Worldwide: 14,-€ 
Shipping without insurance: Germany: 6,99,-€ | Europe: 8,90,-€ | International: 15,90,-€

My Feedback (no trades yet)

Tags: !ds, color:blue, item:jumperskirt, offbrand, r-series, taobao
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