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!DS : Cheap Emily Temple Cute and Innocent World

Please read my terms and conditions before committing! <3 Feel free to ask me any questions if you're unsure about anything. Thank you!

1. Prices are in USD
2. Accept Paypal Only
3. Will be willing to meet-up if you are in Singapore
4. I am open to reasonable offers but priority will go the first person who leaves their paypal and is willing to pay the full price.
5. Please pay within 48 hours of  invoice, unless there is a queue for the item
6. Please note that this sale is final, items are sold as is, and I do not accept exchange, returns or refunds

7. Buyer covers PP fees (4.4% + $0.40)
8. I ship weekends due to being in school
9. Once item is shipped, it is in the responsibility of the postal service, thank you for understanding!
10. Please do read description of items carefully!

11. I ship my items in a bubble mailer, with the clothing in a plastic bag, unless otherwise stated. I havent had a problem with this way of shipping so far, but if you feel that you need extra protection, feel free to speak to me about it, however, do note that shipping charges will have to increase accordingly!

My feedback:
EGL Feedback:

Hey guys! I'm doing some closet cleaning to hopefully make some money to get textbooks for college, have a look and if anything interests you feel free to talk to me :D

1. Emily Temple Cute - Lulu's Room JSK
Price: $85 (includes worldwide shipping AND tracking)
Color: Pink

Measurements: (taken by me, flat)
Bust: 43cm
Waist: 33cm
Length from strap: 95cm
Condition: 3/5 includes Ribbon Brooch
Bought this second hand on the egl comm about 2 years ago. Its made of a sturdy cotton, no lining. Great for summer and those hot days where you still want to look cute! I wore this dress quite a bit and still love it because its quite versatile, but I don't wear it as much anymore, and its still got plenty of life left in it :)
Please refer to the pictures for flaws
Flaws: 1. Back part of the skirt has some piling/abrasion from constant friction from carrying my backpack, I wasn't able to capture on camera, unfortunately. However it is only noticeable up close.
2. The front of the skirt has a pin hole-sized light stain which I can't capture on camera. Again, it isn't noticeable unless you're looking for it.

Pictures: (click on links)
Back view Brooch Print closeup Fabric Swatch

2. Emily Temple Cute - Forest Animals tiered NOP
Price: $55 (includes worldwide shipping AND tracking)
Color: Pink

Measurements: (taken by me, flat)
Bust: 41/41cm
Waist: 41cm (this is a dropwaist so the cut is straighish from bust to waist)
Length: 86cm
Condition: 2/5 includes black velvet ribbon brooch.
I bought this second hand off mbok, and received it in this condition as the seller hadn't stated that it was well used. It certainly is a well-loved dress, but its still got life left in it, and the print is still super cute! Thus the price reduction. I wore it a couple of times myself, but its not my style anymore. This dress is lined, and every thing works perfectly except for the flaws mentioned.
Flaws : Please refer to pictures for flaws
1. I haven't seen this dress in pristine condition before but it looks like the colors/prints might have faded a bit, and the material isn't as crisp anymore
2. Under-arm piling
3. There is a stain on the front of dress which isn't too obvious, I've tried my best to remove it. Again, please see picture.

Pictures: (click links)
Back View Print closeup Underarm Piling Front Stain

3. Innocent World - Darcey OP
Price: $75 (includes worldwide shipping AND tracking)
Colour: Navy x Brown
Lolibrary entry:

Bust: 95cm
Waist: 72cm
Length: 92cm

Condition: 2.5/5 Please refer to pictures
Bought this off the comm NWT. This is a lightweight, sheer, delicate dress that comes with a petticoat.
Flaws: I went travelling with this dress and there was a bit of roughing it out. I did not expect this to happen, but there is some obvious piling around the arms area and the sides. There is also a tiny tiny hole on the left underarm which isn't obvious. Thus the price reduction. Do check the pictures :)

Back View Piling 1 (underarm) Piling 2 (sides) Hole Petticoat 1 Petticoat brand

Thank you so much for looking! <3

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