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!DS: summer cutsew + sock cleanout ^^ ♥

terms of service:
- paypal or local transaction only. (no e-checks, concealed cash)
- payment must be made in USD only.
- all holds require a 20% non-refundable downpayment.
- PP fees are the buyer's responsibility unless sent by gift.
- first come, first serve basis. please leave your paypal address to hold your place in line, regardless of whether or not you will end up buying (i will not invoice you until i get your approval).
- let me know ASAP if you are no longer interested; loss of contact after 24 hrs will be interpreted as loss of interest.
- trades for other brand items welcome, but !DS (in general) has priority.
- once the package leaves my hands, i am not responsible for any loss or damage.
- i reserve the right to refuse sales to anyone either due to negative (or no) feedback / previous bad experiences.
- unless otherwise specified, i ship priority with tracking for domestic, EMS for international. please keep in mind international shipping is incredibly expensive. there are cheaper alternatives to EMS, but you must acknowledge and take responsibility for the risks as a buyer. for international transactions, i always mark the package as a gift. value declared is up to the buyer. i am only willing to ship first-class if payment is sent as a gift.
- haggling within reason is allowed, but please note you may lose your place in line by offering a lower price.

feedback: [ ] +174/0/0

** the earliest i can ship all items is saturday, 07/05 **

★ btssb strawberry & cherry ruffle JSK (white) (NWOT)
$185 shipped w/in US (price reduced)


max bust: ~39"
max waist: ~32"

NWOT, never had the opportunity to wear ;~; i fell out of love with cherry prints a while ago, but i never got around to closet cleaning until now. has partial shirring & adjustable / detachable neckties. please give this dress a good home!

print detail | front bodice | back

bodyline sailor OP (navy) (NWOT)

$65 shipped w/in US

M-size, should fit 36" / 29" no problem. i found another sailor top that i liked better! only been tried on.

back view

anna house floral skirt [ sold ]
$28 + S&H
(price reduced)

★ AP triple frill JSK (pink x red)
$100 + S&H (price reduced)

max bust: 36"
max waist: 30"+

literally my first dress in lolita! i never thought i'd part with it for reasons of nostalgia, but now i must for reasons of space xD it's made of a very nice, thick material and has adjustable fabric (not lace!) ribbons on the
back. very flattering fit for 35"/29" (my dimensions). worn 2-3 times, in excellent condition, despite age.

back view | back ribbon detail | tag proof

★ cutsew lot (btssb - meta - jane marple - MILK) [ sold ]
$75 + S&H

AP milky way cutsew
$48 shipped w/in US, or + $25 if bought with: triple frill or wonder trip beret
(price reduced)

max bust: 36", 35" under recommended

in great condition! light piling from normal wear, print (across chest) still very crisp and sparkly!~ lovely chiffon detailing across the bottom. bow collar is not detachable; comes with unattached armwarmers.

no stains or rips on the cutsew itself, but i wasn't as careful with the armwarmers. the ends of the armwarmers have a bit of loose thread, and there are three small coffee spots on the sleeves that are faint and only noticeable up close. i'll upload these photos tomorrow. thanks for your patience!
have uploaded pics of the stain, but it's so faint, my camera didn't capture it very well. i put my ring over where the spots should here and here.

chiffon detail

★ GLP lace-up cutsew
$25 + S&H


worn lovingly a handful of times, but i haven't worn this in nearly two years ;~; normal feeling of wear, no stains, tears, etc. print still in good condition. only flaw is the ribbon is slightly frayed at the end (see following pictures)

back print close-up | ribbon close-up | ribbon fraying

putumayo butterflies lace cutsew
$35 + S&H


i was SO happy to get this when i did, but like the GLP cutsew, i haven't worn it in the longest time. while i still love the print, i don't see myself wearing it anymore. it's in excellent condition, with no cracks / fading or stains, etc. very warm ^^

frill close-up | tag proof

AP twinkle school tartan skirt
$95 + S&H


max waist:
~29" / 34 cm

bought second-hand, worn once. skirt is in great condition for its age; the only flaw is mild piling throughout entire skirt due to the nature of the fabric, and is not noticeable when worn. comes with waist ties that have nice velvet ribbon accents

waist ties proof | tag proof

meta ribbon sutajan biker jacket [ sold ]
$60 + S&H

OTKs & knee highs (angelic pretty - innocent world - btssb)
$20 - $45 shipped, mostly NW(o)T

new osck

i'm a huge sucker for brand socks of all stripes (not necessarily literally), so occasionally i'll buy pretty things that look lovely in my collection, but not so much on my legs ._. all socks except the IW ladder rose socks are bought new and NW(o)T.

priority domestic shipping w/ tracking & pp fees are included in all prices.

★ AP trump argyle OTKs (NWOT): $45 shipped

★ IW ladder rose KHs: $20 shipped. bought second-hand, only tried on. has some slight darkening near the soles, but the socks appear to be in nearly unworn condition. [ sold ]

★ btssb colorful ribbon KHs (NWT): $30 shipped

(the star shower OTKs, angel pony OTKs, and lady rose knee highs have been sold already. sorry!)

print closeups | embroidery detail on btssb colorful ribbon

★ AP heart charm logo wristcuffs (sax x pink)
$25 shipped


good condition, but one wristcuff is missing a heart charm ;~; no other flaws. milky planet wristcuffs are sold, sorry!

AP wonder trip tartan beret (pink x red)
$45 shipped w/in US, or + $20 if bought with: triple frill, or milky way cutsew

has been worn a handful of times, still in great condition ^^ the only flaw is that the safety pin connected to the detachable bow was a little loose, and hence had to be reinforced. it is now no longer loose!

tag proof

** triple frill JSK + wonder trip beret together - $130 shipped!
** triple frill JSK + wonder trip beret + milky way cutsew together - $160 shipped!

★ dream of lolita sax star bag w/ star inset [ sold ]
$18 + S&H

★ liz lisa floral caplet trenchcoat (NWT)
$180 + S&H


max bust: 34" (recommended)
max waist: 31" (recommended)

completely new with many beautiful details. unfortunately, i was never very satisfied with how this coat sat on my body, so it's been staying in my closet unloved for a long time. this coat straddles the line between japanese S - M (tag reports size 0). pockets are not functional, caplet cannot be detached. fully-lined, sturdy denim-like material, appropriate for cold spring / warm winter.

obvious longshot, but totally willing to trade for the same coat, but a size up.

sleeve button | shoulder button | front panel | inner buttons | back | brand proof | tag proof

as always, thanks for looking!
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