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DS: Brand Under $100 ~ AATP, AP, Chantilly, Grimoire, etc. Open to Offers! WTB: Socks and Parasols

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  • First person to leave Paypal is in line (You agree to pay all costs). Let me know what country you are located in.

  • Payment in PayPal only. All Items priced in USD.

  • Shipping from California.

  • I now charge PayPal fees which will be rounded up:

  • - US buyers = 2.9% + $0.30

  • - International buyers = 3.9% + Varies by country

  • I ship to the address and name listed on PayPal. Please make sure it is correct.

  • Not responsible for package(s) after they leave my possession.

  • Open to offers, trades, payment plans, and combined shipping!

- Moon Night Theater OTKs in Green
- Bas de Chemins des Lapins OTKs in Bordeaux
- Royal Crown Clear Umbrella in Black
- Vellsarie Folding Umbrella in Black

img2-Uqz0b7ItSrSScTDyiC97V2Dg main_1_0 RoyalCrownClearUmbrella-Black VellsarieFoldingUmbrella-black_002

Alice and the Pirates Toy Theater Bag - Black SOLD
Condition: Brand new condition. I just got it in the mail and found out my notebooks don't fit :(
$100.00 + Shipping + PP Fee

IMG_0210 109P027-b

Alice and the Pirates Romeo Blouse - Black MEN'S SIZE SOLD
Condition: Bought secondhand. The owner only tried it on and so did I.
Bust: 101cm
Waist: 87cm
$100.00 + Shipping + PP Fee

IMG_0223 110P404-b-Ladys

Alice and the Pirates Ivy Rose Knee High Socks - MEN'S SIZE
Condition: Bought secondhand. Owner never wore them and I found out they were the wrong version of the socks.
$30.00 + Shipping + PP Fee

IMG_0222 APIvyRoseHighSocksMensSize-black

Enchantic Enchantilly Eyelet Cutlery Brooch - Small Size
Condition: Brand new. Haven't even removed from plastic.
$40.00 + Shipping + PP Fee


Grimoire Wonderful Parade Toile Tights
Condition: Brand new. I accidentally ripped the package when opening them. Never worn.
$45.00 + Shipping + PP Fee

IMG_0212 PID9236_04

Grimoire Vitrail Tights SOLD
Condition: Brand new.
$45.00 + Shipping + PP Fee

IMG_0213 PID3545_02_0

Angelic Pretty Tea Party Shoes - Brown LL SIZE SOLD
Condition: Good condition. Bought from AP SF. Worn twice, once outside and once indoors. There is a bit of dirt on the right shoe. No shoebox.
$100.00 + Shipping + PP Fee

IMG_0224 IMG_0225 TeaPartyShoes-chocolate_002

Angelic Pretty Wonder Cookie Scrunchie - Black SOLD
Condition: New, unworn.
$8.00 $10.00 + Shipping + PP Fee


Q-pot. Spring/Summer 2013 Mook and Tote Bag
Condition: Used. I've used the bag lightly.
$20.00 $25.00 + Shipping + PP Fee

IMG_0219 cherrysundae-bag

Offbrand Heart Shaped Earmuffs - Red
Condition: New, unworn. One size.
$4.00 $5.00 + Shipping + PP Fee


Bodyline Oxford Heels - Beige JPN 26.0, US 9.5, UK 7 SIZE
Condition: Great condition. Worn once. No shoebox.
$40.00 + Shipping + PP Fee

IMG_0220 IMG_0221 original

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