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DS: AP jsks, Miho Matsuda set, Meta jsk, Bodyline items, hide coat, RHS

These are all direct sale items.
The prices listed include shipping from the USA. Insurance is optional, at the buyer's request/expense. Shipping w/i the US is Priority Mail. In the case of buyers outside the US, shipping price is the lowest shipping price available. Requests for specific shipping methods must be made to me for negotiation / verification.
Payment is in USD.
Payment can be made via PayPal, or if you are within the USA and willing to wait, then Money Order is also fine. I prefer non-CC PayPal payments if possible.
I am listed positively on the egl feedback forum, as well as on eBay (as pg-chan). eBay feedback, EGL feedback
Please comment or message me with any questions. Links to additional photos are under the descriptions.
The mannequin on which these are pictured has a 36in (91/92cm) bust.

Alice and the Pirates pink bustle-back OP

This is a very cute but simple pink OP from AatP. Never worn, in excellent condition. It zips up the back, with a back bow also. The back-style is a white tiered bustle type skirt (see detail photo). I would say the bust is 36in, with a waist of about 30-31in. It's simple but cute, not over the top but not my style.
bustle back style

Shipped w/i US: $85
Shipped outside US: $95
SOLD! Thank you!

Angelic Pretty red heart-pocket jsk

This is a fantastic red jsk from AP. It zips up the back, with a back bow as well. There is heart-shaped lace embellishment throughout, with deeper red ribbons. The max for this jsk is probably 36in bust, 31in waist - these were my measurements when I wore it and it wasn't too tight but there was no slack. Measured flat: armpit to armpit = 17in, waist 15in, 36in long. It is fully lined; the bottom of the lining has a stiff layer of taffeta to help the skirt fan out in a proper shape over a petti.
I bought this in 2006. AP puts out a variation on the heart pocket jsk every other year, but they're always a little different, and I've never seen pics of a design exactly like this one. I love this jsk, and it was one of my first big loli purchases, but it's the only thing in my closet that's not black, so it has to go ._. Well cared for, dry cleaned only, in excellent condition.
back style
back bow style
laid flat

Shipped anywhere: $195

Angelic Pretty green tartan SET

This is a set of an Angelic Pretty jsk and matching headbow. AP green tartan heart-pocket jsk. Dark navy ribbons to match the blue in the tartan, black lace. Headbow is NWT, never used.
I got this jsk new in 2007, but I haven't seen one exactly like this, so not sure what year it is. It's in excellent condition, dry-cleaned. Roughly 34 bust, 30 waist. No shirring, lined, layer of taffeta near hem to help it hold shape. The flash was used to highlight the pattern, but it's really dark. The navy ribbon is VERY dark to the eye. I was always surprised how versatile this jsk was - it works with a wide range of accessories and colors.
back style

Shipped anywhere: $195

Angelic Pretty blouse

This is a blouse from an Angelic Pretty LP. It's very much their signature look - lots of lace and ribbons and fluff, and extra cute! Fully shirred, detachable sleeves. The collar has adorable bow tie lace, see detail pic. Approximate measurements: Bust up to 36, waist up to 40.
EDIT: Sorry, didn't occur to me at the time - arm measurements! The attached sleeve is 4.5in flat, the ruched short sleeve is 8in flat at MAX.

Shipped w/i US: $30
Shipped outside US: $35
SOLD! Thank you!

Metamorphose black jsk

This is a simple black pinafore jsk from Metamorphose. The front middle panel is shirred behind laces. The back waist tie is detachable. Besides the front buttoned "belt" and laced-up panel, there are lots of rows of ruffles down the skirt, and bows on each row on the sides. Measured flat: 18 bust, 15.5 waist. The waist can be given a bit more room by moving the buttons on the front "belt" and the bust has some room with the shirring. This wasn't supposed to be this big according to the brand measurements, I was surprised when it fit in the store! The salesgirl knew I was worried and suggested adjusting the belt but I never had to go that far. Gently used, dry cleaned. This style is simple and classic, a great boost to a loli wardrobe.

Shipped w/i US: $100
Shipped outside US: $110

Miho Matsuda gothic set

This is a limited set from Miho Matsuda, a matching top and skirt. The top has straps, with a side zipper closure, and adjustable laces in the back. There is velvety front seam piping, with minor lace embellishment. The skirt is tiered, with an elastic waist. The max bust is 36 in. Measured flat, the elastic waist is 12.5-17.5 in. The fabric has a lovely ivy design.

Shipped w/i US: $75
Shipped outside US: $80

hide ROCK trench coat

This is a trenchcoat from hide ROCK, bought from the store in the Harajuku La Foret. It is thick black wool blend with red printed designs along the lower half. I got this coat on the mannequin and I wore it myself, but I wouldn't strongly recommend more than a 34in bust, probably a 30-33 inch waist is the limit, buttoned-up. Double-breasted gold buttons on the upper, the outside buttons fasten along with hidden buttons on the inside top and along the waistline. Hidden pockets on sides, hidden buttons on the collar to firm up the shape. This coat rocks SO HARD. I love the shape! The collar! The epaulets! But I've made my peace with how I really can't pull this look off the way it deserves XD;

Shipped w/i US: $95
Shipped outside US: $100

foam Rockinghorse shoes

I got these online, they say Montreal on the inside but there are no other tags. They were listed as being UK size 38 / US size 8, so I thought they'd fit since I'm usually a UK 38, US 7.5, JPN 24.5, but this turned out to be wrong. They're SLIGHTLY too small, about a half size at most. (I'd say a US size 7.) The zipper broke while I was trying to put them on, and I ended up needing to cut my way out, but I took them to a cobbler to have the cut and zipper repaired, see detail pic. If you're looking to try out rockinghorse platforms, these can be a cheap option for casual wear. No other issues with the shoes, never worn.
patch next to zipper

Shipped w/i US: $30
Shipped ouside US: $40

Bodyline yellow/pink jsk

Got this in a Bodyline LP a while back X3 It's actually very well done, I wish it were black instead of yellow! It's item L438, still on the website. I thought it was cream at first, but the website says yellow, a very light yellow though. Size 2L, which is not as big as it sounds. Measurements on the website:
Back center of length 91cm
Bust 92-98cm
Waist 78-84cm
It fits me without any issue, again, I wish it were in a color I wear! It'll be easy to match with other pale pastels and even kinari/cream/antique coordinates. The scalloped hem is a darling piece of work, see detail pic. New, never worn, skirt is lined, zips up side with back ties, comes with a detachable bow pin. Listed for $33 on the website.
close-up of hem lace

Shipped w/i US: $30
Shipped outside US: $33

Bodyline black stand-collar blouse

Another LP item. I was dismayed when this didn't fit - I'd really like a blouse like this! A very simple design, perfect for pairing with accessories or a jsk with a bold pattern. Size M, black, stand-collar, heart buttons, no shirring. The sleeves puff at the shoulder and then turn straight, see detail pic. I couldn't find this one on the site. As you can see in the pic, buttons wouldn't close on the mannequin. Approximate measurements: Bust 34 (18 flat but I wouldn't recommend going up to 36), Waist 32.
flat with sleeve detail

Shipped w/i US: $30
Shipped outside US: $33

Bodyline carousel bag

Bodyline carousel tote, NWT. X3 Very cute, but I can't see myself using it when I already have so many. Better that it goes to someone who will use it a lot. Approximately 10x14.

Shipped anywhere: $25


Thank you for checking out my items!
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