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DS: socks, cutsews, skirts, JSKs, OPs, some damaged, some new. 14 different brands, no offbrand

ATTN: Please allow up to 80 hours for replies(though I will reply sooner if I can/if it is a simple query I can answer on the go). I will try to ship within 2 weeks of payment. I will leave feedback eventually, but it can take me more than 6 months to do so.
No trades.
All prices are non-negotiable. =)

Please pm paypal instead of leaving it in the comments~! :)
-Priority goes to whoever indicates that they will pay full price first. Interest does not give you a place in line. Neither does asking of questions. If you ask for a payment plan, you are automatically assumed not to be paying full price immediately(and thus lose priority, if you were first in line, even if you left your paypal address. Please do not expect me to predict whether or not you were actually willing to pay full price if you ask for a payment plan.)
- Please leave your feedback link when you comment/pm to buy an item. Don’t worry, and let me know if you do not have a feedback page. =)
-Tracking is $2.5 always and is optional. Please let me know if you wish to add tracking to your item when you ask to be invoiced. =) Tracking will add insurance for up to 68 SGD to your package.
-Payment by paypal or meetup or (bank transfer for local buyers only)
-Prices are in USD unless other wise stated, do not include paypal fees.
Paypal fees are 5%
-An explanation of how I package and ship items is herehttp://dollsonstrings.livejournal.com/729.html#cutid1

-Feedback is here: http://eglfeedback.livejournal.com/1046342.html
- I will not ship an item to an address that is not registered on your paypal address.
-I reserve the right to refuse a sale.
-I can measure items for you, but please understand that I am an amateur and they may not be accurate.
-The price of shipping is listed next to the price of each item, and is the same no matter which country you are in.
-I will not do urgent orders. If you are in a hurry to get your item, please consider purchasing from a source closer to you.

DS: (Items arranged from cheapest to the most expensive).

1.Baby the Stars Shine Bright Honey Tea Salon Socks in Ivory $23 + $6 intl shipping sold

New and never worn. (still has the stick and the clipclip thingy at the end of the socks).

2. Emily Temple Cute Red Riding Hood cutsew $50 + $8 intl shipping
Length: 55cm
Bust: 82cm – 105cm
Waist: 70cm - ?? (can stretch quite far but I don’t dare to pull it)

3. ETC Lulu Cutsew $50 + $7 intl shipping
Emily Temple Lulu Cutsew New with Tags

4. Innocent World Short-sleeved black lace bolero $60 +$8 intl shipping
20140508_160008size M

5. Naoto Grimm Skirt $70 + $16 intl shippingsee latest post for reduced price
Length: 64cm
Waist: 62-88cm

6. Black Putumayo OP $70 + $15 intl shipping see latest post for reduced price
Stretchy. Feeling of wear and some piling.

7. Short-sleeved Ivory Innocent World bolero $70 + $8 intl shipping SOLD

8. BtssB BxW JSK $73 + $25 intl shipping SOLD

Measurements from lolibrary:

Bust: 78-105 Waist: 65-100 Length: 93

9. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Biscuit bolero $80 + $10 intl shipping
Overall feeling of wear and there is some fuzz from the knit that seems stuck to the biscuit print bit. Still looks good and is in relatively good condition.

10. Red ETC Skirt $80 + $12 intl shipping
Waist: 64-72cm
Length: 50cm

11. Metamorphose Gingham Cherry Ladder Lace JSK $90 + $18 intl shipping (FLAWED)SOLD

See flaw for remaining button:

Dress is missing a button for one waist tie (though I still have both waist-ties) and the other button that remains has pulled at the fabric.

12. H. naoto JSK/long top $90 + $15 intl shipping
H.naoto jsk
Versatile lightweight top that can be worn left over right or right over left.

When fully buttoned


Waist: 80 cm

When worn left over right, only the top button is buttoned.

13. Putumayo BlackXRed Alice print OP $90 + $9 intl shipping SOLD

Stretchy, loose knit material. Overall feeling of wear but still in very good condition.
Bust unstretched is 88cm.
Waist unstretched is also 88cm.

14. Shirley Temple size 160 skirt $100 + $12 intl shipping

15. Angelic Pretty Lady Pleats Skirt $100 +$10 intl shipping
Length: 56 cm

16. Victorian Maiden Floral Skirt $100 + $12 intl shippingsee latest post for reduced price
VM Floral SK
(detail photographs are truer to colour)

62 cm waist (no stretch, but the hook closure can be moved a few cm if needed)

57cm length

17. Alice and the Pirates Apple Princess Cutsew $100 + $7 intl shipping
Apple Princess Cutsew

18. Innocent World Ivory long-sleeved Lace bolero $120 + $12 intl shipping on hold
size M (but is looser than my other IW size M boleros, so I'd say this is leaning to L).

19. Innocent World Royal Parade JSK $120 + $15 intl shipping SOLD

20. Black Peace Now One-piece $125 +$25 intl shipping SOLD

Skirts can be gathered with ribbons under the skirt. Waist is fully shirred around 60-96cm.
Max bust 107cm< (can stretch more) Looks fine on a bust size 87cm.

Length: ~103cm

21. BtssB Mirabel JSK $140 + $20 intl shipping

22. Enchantlic Enchantilly Ivory Shantung skirt $150 + $18 intl shipping SOLD

Without corset: https://www.flickr.com/photos/22507013@N07/14133143612/
Removable corset waist-belt. Skirt part has a fully-elasticized waistband.
62-96cm waist. Length without corset is 55cm.
Length of the corset waist belt is 15 cm

23. Alice and the Pirates Charme de Rouge SK $150 + $18 intl shipping SOLD


24. Victorian Maiden BETH OP in Rose $150 + $26 intl shippingsee latest post for reduced price

Similar to this VM dress: http://hellolace.net/wardrobe/victorian-maiden/type/jsk/item/55/
Detachable bow.

25. AatP Hymn SK in Navy $155 + $15 intl shipping

26. AatP Twilight Circus SK $155 + $15 intl shipping

27. Baby the Stars Shine Bright Sweety Gingham JSK in Mint $160

28. AatP Dance of the Black Cats SK in Wine $160 + $15 intl shipping
AatP Dance of the Black Cats SK in wine

29. Emily Temple Cute Forks and Spoons OP in Black $160 + $15 intl shipping SOLD


30. Juliette et Justine Parfum de Bonheur Jupe + Top $200 + $22 intl shipping SOLD
Willing to split the set if there are buyers for both pieces.

For the top: Bust 84cm, waist 72cm.

Proof: https://www.flickr.com/photos/22507013@N07/14112912786/

31. Juliette et Justine Petit Matin du Pigeon "Robe" + matching bolero $200 + $28 intl shipping SOLD

32. Alice and the Pirates Circus Print JSK $220 + $25 intl shipping SOLD


33. Innocent World Bisque Doll JSK short version $250 + $18 intl shipping SOLD

34. Mary Magdalene Claudia OP in Ivory $250 +$22 intl shipping (New with Tags) see latest post for lower price

35. Mary Magdalene Morgane OP $250 +$29 intl shipping SOLD

36. Alice and the Pirates Sleeping Beauty JSK in Black $270 + $25 intl shipping SOLD

37. Alice and the Pirates Beauty and the Rose Promise JSK in Blue $270 + $25 intl shipping

38. Angelic Pretty Chocolate Rosette SK in Navy $300 + $18 intl shipping

39. Juliette et Justine Crucifixion Shantung JSK $330 + $20 intl shipping size 1 SOLD

Thanks for looking, and happy shopping!

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