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DS: Innocent World Lucky Pack items, Mary Magdalène St.Claire OP, Metamorphose OP, and off-brand!

Hello everyone!

Feedback: and here
I ship from Switzerland
International buyers are more than welcome, but european will have the priority
I only accept Paypal
PP fees are not included
If you want a faster shipping or tracking for your package let me know, but it will cost more!
Even though I try to keep her away from my clothes, keep in mind that I have a cat!

All the Innocent World items are brand new!

Innocent World Bluette JSK in black x beige

It's incredibly beautiful, but sadly it doesn't fit D:
I'm asking 140USD + shipping 

Innocent World Berangere Rose OP in sax

It's super cute and confortable, but not really my taste!

Innocent World JSK in brown
I can't seem to find it on lolibrary or hellolace!
Waist = 70cm
Bust = 80cm
But it stretch a little so you can add a couple more cm!

I love the simple design and the chocolate color, but it doesn't fit ):
More pictures:
I'm asking 100USD + shipping 

Innocent World Antique Tartan JSK in yellow

It's the coolest design, but unfortunately it's not my size!
I'm asking 120USD + shipping 

Innocent World Madeleine OP in black

This beautiful OP fits me but it's not my style!

Innocent World Glitter Seraphim Travel Pouch in brown

It's lovely and the golden design is over beautiful, but I won't use it enough!
I'm asking 30USD + shipping 

Innocent World Knee High Socks in black

I always wear light socks with my outfit, so...

Mary Magdalène Saint Claire OP in olive

Bought it second hand here on the comm, I wore it twice, the dress it's in great condition!
I love it to death (MM is my favourite!), but it's not the best color for my skintone and my tastes (if you have the same in another color I would love to see it!)
I paid 350USD for it
I'm asking 250USD + shipping 

Metamorphose Bouquet Rose OP
(can't seem to find it on HelloLace or Lolibrary, but it's the same print as )

Bought brand new from the Meta website a few years ago, and worn a few times, the dress is still in great condition but it doesn't suit my tastes anymore (I'm not that sweet anymore )
It has a built-in petticoat and it's fully shirred on the back
I paid around 350USD for it
I'm asking 200USD 150USD + shipping

Off-Brand jackets in light pink and light blue

Never used them!

Faux-fur purple collar

New and so so so soft!

Thank you for watching! Love you all 

Tags: !ds, color:black, color:blue, color:green, color:pink, color:purple, color:yellow, innocent world, item:accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:onepiece, item:outerwear, mary magdalene, metamorphose, offbrand

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