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DS! Emily Temple Cute OPs, Angelic Pretty Bag, Offbrand Coat and Shoes, Innocent World Socks, more!

I am trying to make some room in my closet lately and save up money for tuition and school expenses. So all of this has to go!I try to take good care of most of my things some of my stuff i did buy second hand so some of the flaws came to me that way. Please note I can't do returns and once the package leaves my hands I have no control of when it gets to you. I try to list all problems I find with the items I find sometimes something slips through; I apologize. I can't do any returns or refunds as I just want this stuff gone. I have feedback here: I make deals with people that buy more than one item. I will hold an item if you make a deposit with me. Please don't hesitate to ask any question!Also, if you live in Brazil please let me know beforehand so I tell that I will have to charge you extra for shipping to add tracking. I don't want to lose your package.

Angelic Pretty Black Bow Pearl Purse Medium SizedSOLD


This bag is in like new condition. I've only used it a couple of times and has been in my closet ever since. I'd like to give it a new home. I bought this used, but it looks like the previous owner barely used it as well.

Innocent World Cream Lace Over the Knee Socks 18 USD OBO

These socks have been used a few times. There seems to be some pilling at the heel. If you think I am charging too much for them, please make me an offer! Before I send them out I will hand wash them one last time and press the lace to make them look as new as possible. If I can find the tag, It will be sent as well.

Vintage Style Bow Ballet Pumps in Grey Suede ( Size 5.5) 16 USD OBO

These are super cute, but do not fit me. They are meant to be a size 5.5 US, but they run rather large and could fit a size 6-6.5 easily. Only tried on. They would look great with a classic lolita or otome coordinate!

Emily Temple Cute Pink Cosmetic Print Casual Mini Dress 46 USD

This dress has only been worn by myself once. The dress has a very relaxed fit and is made of a stretchy knit material. It could possibly fit a larger size due to it's relaxed fit.

Length: 32
Bust: 37 or maybe a little more it will stretch
Waist: 32 Very loose in this area.

Emily Temple Cute Strawberry Gingham One Piece Dress SOLD

Worn Photos (Sorry for the low quality)

Length is very similar to this ( Standard Emily Temple Cute dress length) I am 5'2-3 ish for reference:

Very cute dress! In great used condition. Dress has elastic shirring in the sleeves and back. Would make a good JSK due to the cap-like sleeves. Measurements:

Bust: 37
Waist: 29
Length: 36

Lolita Miho Matsuda Bat Over the Knee Socks SOLD

These socks have been used a few times carefully. Before I send them out I will hand wash and press them one last time to make them look as new as possible. If I can find the tag, It will be sent as well.

Olive des Olive Red Pea coat (size Small) 24 USD

This coat is in great used condition and ready for a new owner! Very warm!

Shipping within the US is 6.50 and I charge a flat rate of 12.50 to ship overseas. PS: To anyone who ordered from my last post, thank you so much for your patience!

Thank you for looking!

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