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DS/DT: AP, Btssb, Meta, h.Naoto, Atelier Boz, BPN, and more! Plus size friendly too!

I've had a storage locker for almost 10 years now and have been into lolita and subculture fashion for even longer. I'm starting to dig down into the bowels of my boxes and purge stuff. I bought a lot of stuff years ago and have since lost weight so a lot of what I have is brand new! Almost everything has been vacuum sealed so there may be wrinkling to garments. I will add some measurements later as I have just found my measuring tape.
Some items are with my friend in Japan. She and I run a shopping service together so she has experience shipping items. I don't have a deadline for when I'll be having those items sent to me but you'll probably get a better deal having them shipped directly from Japan! UPDATE: She's hoping to send them in by the end of February. They will be sent by boat (eta: 2-3 months). I'd rather have them gone before then.
I'd prefer selling right now since I do need the money but I'm always open to trade offers. I am very happy to send off multiple things for a more valued item in trades! I'd possibly prefer it!
PLEASE make sure to get back to me, even if it's to say you're not interested anymore. I have a lot of things going on and I would like to get every transaction wrapped up as quickly and kindly as possible.
Items in this listing are either in the US or in Japan. Items shipped from different locations cannot be combined. Some items listed on eBay as well. Ebay listings cannot be ended early.
Prefer payment by Paypal or bank/wire transfer, but will accept snail mail payments at buyer's own risk. MoneyGram also accepted. I am not responsible for any lost payments.
Prices are in US dollars. AUD, GBP, Euro, and JPY may also be accepted to help relieve exchange fees.
Buyers are responsible for Paypal fees which are 3% + $0.35 (US), 4% + $0.35 (other) or bank fees in the case of a transfer.
Shipping from Hawaii, USA or Kobe, Japan. Tracking is free for US domestic shipments only. Customs numbers will be forwarded for basic free tracking for international.
Prices are not inclusive of shipping unless mentioned. Prices including shipping are only to the US unless otherwise mentioned.
International shipping through envelope unless otherwise requested. No economy post outside the US. EMS or Priority only.
I am not responsible for any packages once they have left my hands.
Insurance is extra at buyer's own cost.
We will take customs requests.
I now work a full time job during the nights and afternoons and a part time job and will pick up extra shifts at my full time as well. I am also taking a class on the side. I am sometimes working 7 days a week and sometimes will not come home for 24 hours or more. I may have communication and shipping delays because of this but I will do my best to take care of things within 24 hours. My friend in Japan has a full time job but will normally ship within 3-6 days of cleared payment based on her schedule. That being said I take full responsibility for all the items being sent from myself or Japan. I am, however, not responsible for lost or damaged packages. Items will only be insured up to the fully declared amount for international items. I will help as much as I can but any insurance claims must be made by the buyers.
I will do holds and payment plans with a non-refundable 20% deposit sent via personal payment or with appropriate fees included required.
All sales are final. NO REFUNDS. Please make sure to ask any questions you have beforehand.
I expect responses within 24-48 hours unless previous mention of delay.
Please respond, even if it is to say you are no longer interested.
If you make an offer and I accept, then disappear or do not respond/send payment within 24 hours without leaving a reason why, I will leave feedback.
I reserve the right to deny sale at my own discretion.
I may consider trades in lieu of purchases at my own discretion.
Wish list at the bottom. I will consider almost anything.
. (my friend's)


Shipping from Japan
Baby, the Stars Shine Bright Frill Blouse: $175
Tons of torchon lace, has detachable flared sleeves, non-detachable waist ties
Bust: 90cm
Sleeve: 42cm (from underarm)
Waist: 76cm
Dandy Blouse: $185
From Miho Matsuda's now defunct GOLDSEAL line
Almost like new, no waist ties or shirring
Bust: 88cm
Sleeve: 43cm (from underarm)
Waist: 80cm
Strawberry Mini-sleeve OP: $230 shipped worldwide
Adorable strawberry print karami fabric with tons of lace and ribbons.
Waist ties are detachable, has partial shirring
Bust: 86cm-98cm
Waist: 70cm~
Length: 88cm
Angelic Pretty Garden Skirt: $200 shipped worldwide
Has detachable waist ties and full back shirring.
Waist: 60cm - 74cm
Length: 52cm
Candy Sprinkles Salopette LP: $250 shipped worldwide
image (5)
Will split set, prices below
Heart Bag:
Barette: $35
Tote Bag: $40
Want OP (Sax or Navy or any) - 1st or 2nd release; and jsk 1st release
Shipping from US
Bodyline "L112" Blouse :: $35
No stretch, corseting on back
Can be worn smaller but given smallest measurements are best fit
Selling blouse without jabot
Bust: 80cm-90cm
Waist: 76cm-92cm
Length: 50cm
Sleeve: 63cm
Black Bodyline Blouse / White Bodyline Blouse: $52 shipped each
No shirring or waist ties. Very nice cluny lace details and great quality garments
Size L, new
Bust: 88cm
Waist: 74cm
Length (from shoulder): 50cm
Sleeve Length (from shoulder): 63cm
x x x
h.Blood Top: $135 shipped
Size F, new. Fabric has tight stretch
Sleeves are corset-strung and adjustable in length
Bust: 78cm
Length: 54cm
Sleeve: 65cm
Trumpet Sleeve Cutsew: $45 shipped
Bust: ~94cm
x x
h.ANARCHY Hoodie: $175
Size M
Hangry & Angry Cutsew: $65
New, fabric has stretch, M size
Bust: 90cm+
Length: 58cm
Chiffon Dot Top: $40 shipped
Bust: ~88cm
Black Bibbed Top: $55 shipped
Replaced one button with red thread
Fits bust 90+
Kodona Frill Top: TRADED
Fits any size up to bust 98+

Pink Accordion Chiffon Top: $55
New without tags
Ivory Ruffled Top: $40 shipped
Bust: ~98cm
Pink Organdy Ruffle Top: $95
Partial zipper entry
Chiffon 2-piece Top: $45
Size XL
Bust: 88cm-116cm
Waist: 76cm-98cm
Length: 62cm
White Ruffled Blouse: $33 shipped
Bust: 95cm
Length: 65
Black Satin Ruffled: $45 shipped
Size 10P
Bust: 100cm
Waist: 96cm
Length: 24cm

Milk Tea Blouse: $45
New, no shirring or waist ties
Bust: 94cm
Waist: 82cm
Length: 53cm
Black Ruffled Peter Pan Top: TRADED
Size L, new
Bust: 102cm
Waist: 86cm
Length: 53cm
Sleeve: 66cm
Black High Necked Top:
New, slightly stretchy
Bust: 106-112cm
Waist: 92cm
Length: 61cm
Sleeve: 66cm
x x x x
White Round Ruffle Top: $95
Fabric slightly stretchy, cuffs are adjustable
Has back lacing
Bust: 112cm-122cm
Waist: 97cm-107cm
Length: 64m
Sleeve: 56cm +6cm
x x x
Creme High Necked Bowtie Blouse: $50
Size 12, new with tags
Has a few small storage stains on one of the "ribbon" ends
Ties are non-detachable and can be tied in different ways
Bust: 110cm-114cm
Length: 67cm
Sleeve: 64cm
x x x x x
Chiffon Sailor Blouse: $40 shipped US
Size 8, gently worn, lightly padded shoulders
Has some minor stains from age, most hidden under the sailor collar or not noticeable
One loop on the chemical lace has broken during attempt to wash
Bust: 106cm
Length: 76cm
Sleeve: 54cm
x x x x x
White Lace Aristocrat Vest Blouse: $35
Size 12M, no outward sign of wear
Shoulders are padded, vest is a little crinkly on the inside
Bust: 105cm
Waist: 76cm-100cm
Length: 57cm
Sleeve: 60cm
x x x x
Ivory Embroidered Bowtie Blouse: $45
New, some minor discolorations from storage
Bust: 106cm
Length: 62cm
Sleeve: 58cm
Creme Classical Pleat Blouse: $40
Gently worn, no stains or pilling
Bust: 104cm
Length: 63cm
Sleeve: 60cm
x x x x
Craven Vinyl Crucifix Skirt: $120 shipped
Brand new from a long discontinued indie brand
There are 2 small tears which can be easily fixed with tape or sealant
There is a small discoloration on one of the crosses
Waist has no stretch, zipper entry. Best worn with an underskirt.
Waist: 70cm
Length: 37cm
BPN Sailor Skirt :: $75
Size F, new
Waist ~66cm.
Trumps Skirt: $50
New and has only been tried on, some production flaws on the prints
Waist: 64cm-106cm
Length: 36cm

Serious Dark Dolly Skirt: $50
New with tag, size XL (fabric stretchy)
True color is more of a raspberry
Will consider a trade for this in S/M
Waist: 36"-42"
Length: 23"
Waist: 66cm-119cm
Length: 37cm
Dusky Red Velvet Skirt: $145 shipped
Plush velvet, fully shirred waist, attached apron
Old and long out of production
Nolita classic skirt $45
Size  L, more otome cut
Waist: 84cm
Length:  68cm
x x x
Red Skirt: $50 OR $75 with top
Attached ties, looks like a belt
Waist: 81cm
Length: 56cm
Blue/White Skirt: $60
Color is more greenish
Waist: 72cm-96cm
Length: 61cm
Black Bustled Skirt: $45 shipped
Custom make, new (shown worn with hoop skirt)
Waist 92cm
Forest Melody Skirt: $75
Slightly faded, no damages
Waist: 60cm-104cm
Length: 43cm

x x x x x
Atelier Boz 2-way Salopette: $175 shipped
Some minor stains (have not tried to remove), no back lace, brand new
x x x
h.Naoto Asymmetrical Skirt: $125
Cage Skirt: $65
Waist: 94cm
Length: 41cm (53 including straps)
Striped/Dot Skirt: $55 shipped
Fully shirred back, dusky pink x white

Wa-Lolita Monochrome Set: $100
I will consider splitting the set. Both are new
Top: $50 shipped
Cage Skirt: $75 shipped
*fastens with zipper and velcro*, waist up to 66cm
Innocent World High Waist Trousers: $275 shipped
Size F, gently worn. Zipper has untracked and will need either replacement or repair
Partially shirred waist. Not recommended for anyone over 5'4" (163cm)
Waist: 66cm-76cm
Hip: 88cm
Seat: 114cm
Length: 74cm
Inseam: 38cm
Rise: 40cm (30cm to waist)
x x
F+F Kodona Shorts: $45 shipped, Top: $50 shipped
Worn once briefly for a photoshoot. Short-pants are smaller in size than the top, thus this will not a set
Top Bust: 90cm
Top Waist: 80cm
Top Length: 65cm
Black/Brown Petticoat: $11 shipped
Netting is brownish, waistband shows external damage due to wear
Light poof, some damage to netting in some places
Waist: 80cm-114cm
Length: 43cm
Sweet Rococo Sax Swan Lake OP: $375 shipped
Partially shirred back and partially lined inside
Fully shirred sleeves and sleeve cuffs
Detachable waist ties, Side zipper entry
Bust :: 86cm-114cm
Waist :: 71cm-114cm
Length :: 96cm+
IW/BPN Style Underbust JSK: $75
Fabric is slightly stretchy, side zipper entry
Straps adjustable by buttons
Underbust: 91cm-102
Width: 86cm-94cm
Length: 94cm +/-13cm
Corset Dress: $130 shipped
New, size 12
Ribbons tie (are dangling in photo).Side zipper entry, top portion is elasticated, fabric slightly stretchy
Tea length dress
Bust: 96cm-108cm
Length: 108cm
Lemon Cherry JSK: $75 shipped
Back shirring, no lacing, new
Proof photo is a bit green, true color is a bright lemony yellow
White Karami Angel OP: $95
Very long, good for plus size
Should wear something underneath for opacity
Pink Scalloped JSK: $150
Small stain in front from photoshoot, worn once
Bust: ~94cm

Black Scalloped JSK
New, super rare old design

Victorian Roses JSK

Sakura JSK: $60
Partial back shirring
Bunny Coat + Capelet: $295 shipped
Medium Weight
Cutsew Bolero
Knit Bolero $45 shipped

Jet and Lace Knit Bolero Cardigan: $100 shipped
Size S, new, knitted from Angora and lambswool
Originally cost over $100
Bust: 100cm-126cm
Sleeve: 56cm (64cm to lace
Length: 54cm


Black Cat Fleece Parka: $75
New, faux fur cat ears and Nichi kitty zipper pull
Black Heart Pockets Coat: $250 shipped
New, light-medium weight
Heart buttons, removeable ribbons, bottom ribbons have been cut
Diagonal Scallop Jacket: $85 shipped
Sorry for dark photos, can try again outside upon request
♥~Paper Goods ~♥
Q-Pot Limited Edition 2011 Spring Postcard: $5 each (10x)
Q-pot Limited Edition 2012 Captain Burger Spring Flier: $5 each (10x)
Free letter shipping
Q-pot Bags: $6 for the plastic, $11 for the pop-up
These bags are all in like new condition and have no marks or damage.
Plastic is thick with melty chocolate gold sticker, popup is thick with gold print and sticker
Plastic bag is 36cmx25cm, Popup bag is approximately 23cmx20cmx12cm. I also have some smaller popup bags.
Plastic: 5 available
Popup: 2 available

♥ Accessories ♥
Butterfly Season Boston Bag: $40
Thigh High Vertical Stripe Stockings: $40 shipped
New, never taken out of package
Elegy Spiders OTK Stockings: $45
Black Opaque OTK/Thigh High Stockings: $30 shipped
2-Tone Dot Stockings: $30 shipped each
Custom altered stockings, colors not working for me
All new
BJD Tights: $40 shipped
Has designs for hip, knee, and ankle joint
Brand new, it's just a little too short for my legs
Size M-L, measurements below are given max fit
Hip: 85-95cm
Height: 150-165cm
GLBs: $45 shipped each
KERA: $18 shipped each
All new, all stickers/patterns intact
GLB 50: $53 shipped
Includes Innocent World x Asumiko Nakamura Collaboration calendar/planner
New, contains all stickers and patterns
Or split, GLB: $45, Calender: $20

Magical Etoile Carousel Beret: TRADED
Custom made
British Girl Custom Hat: $23 shipped
No interior lining, not perfect
Lace Gloves: $55
Fits small hands best, one size
F+F Headdresses: $15 shipped each
Fanplusfriend Gloves: $10 short gloves, $13 long

Fanplusfriend Gloves: $13, $16 gloves with bows
Spin Doctor "Marianne" Blouse :: $50
Size XS/6-8UK, would like this in S or M
New with tag
Bust: 82cm-86cm
Waist: 72cm-86cm
Rose and Thorn Bat Princess Blouse
Size XL, new with tags
From a defunct indie brand. I want to trade for this in M or similar style

Crocheted Bolero
BPN for Men 2-piece Waistcoat
Butterflies Wa-Lolita Set
Size M, would trade for this in the 2L version
This one is too short on me and the ties are across my bust
Angel Pretty Old School Skirt
New, fully shirred waist, no zipper
Waist: 58cm-94cm
Length: 48cm
Rose Garden Skirt
Partially shirred waist
Antique Wallpaper Skirt
Fully shirred waist
Rare Merry Go Round Skirt
New with tags, has a Rococo hip-bucket shape, zips in back
Waist: 65cm
Bloodshot Butterflies Skirt
Free size, fully shirred waist
Long Petticoat
Want something more full and/or gauzy similar to Meta's long petticoats
Long A-line Petti
Waist is too big. The elastic died and I cut it to tie
It's been through vacuum-sealing for years off and and so it will never die
Size XL, hook/eye closure (have added a 2 hooks)
I'd like to get a smaller flat waist petti without having to alter this one.
Waist: 31"

Last Country Late Night Roses jsk
Partially shirred back

Surface Spell Cathedral JSK
Purple Version
Bust: 80-86cm
Waist: 72cm
Length: 90cm (from strap to bottom)

Blue Version
Bust: 96cm
SEEKING: size fitting bust 88-92cm ONLY!
Also seeking the underbust version: any color.
Will not trade/sell these outside of this style unless I have one in this that fits. These are out of production.
Emily Temple Cute Carnival JSK
New, no shirring
Bust: 86cm
x x x x x x x x
Old School OP and Headdress
New, but tried on a few times and stored away
Two ribbons were removed from the bust and two from the skirt. I only have one of each for reattachment.
Made by a Japanese atelier brand.
Bust: 86-94cm
Waist: 70-80cm
Length: 90cm (to bottom lace)
Josette JSK (jsk only)
New with tag, color is a reddish brown
Tag price: ¥26,040
Bust: 81cm-92cm
Waist: 66cm-77cm
Length: 86cm
Would love to trade for a print dress (Btssb/Aatp, AP, Meta)
Rose Logo Frill JSK
New, Partially shirred, upper frill is removeable
x x x
Beauty and the Rose Promise OP in ivory
Bust: ~90cm
Would consider the jsk in navy or wine
Militant Nuns Spiderweb Dress
new from old defunct brand
Fabric is slightly stretchy
Bust: 102cm-112cm
Length: 92cm
Sleeve: 58cm
x x x x
Brown Velvet Granny Boots
Size 9.5B, gently worn
Would love a similar style in 26 or 9.5 wide
White Mt. Oxford Booties
Size 8.5, gently worn
x x x
Swimmer Strawberry Bow Pumps
Size M, new
I would like this in L
IMG_2318_zps0a4bc09b (1)
x x x x
TUK Victorian Boots
Size 8, worn once and stored
Has some scuffs
TUK needs to be bought 1 size up
Antaina Angelic Pretty Replica Engineer Boots
Size 24-24.5 ~ 25cm insole
New. These were a smaller size than expected
I would be interested in engineer boots in size 26/26.5 or LL/3L
Will consider trading for anything, but reserve the right to deny a trade.
Due to shipping costs, I prefer to trade within the US.
Trades must be sent within 4 days of trade agreement with tracking unless otherwise agreed. Traders must send first!
Please provide feedback link.
My current measurements:
Bust: 88-91cm
Waist: 66-71cm
Hip: 88-91cm
Shoulder Width: 43cm
Primarily interested in:
Steampunk/pirate, clockwork styles, and corsets (size 24 or 60-62)
Brands: AATP, BTSSB, Metamorphose, Lief, HMHM, Atelier Pierrot, MmM, Juliette et Justine, Mary Magdalene, Haenuli, Chantilly, VM, Krad Lanrete, Surface Spell, Rose Melody, Atelier Boz, h.GRAMM/h.FRILL
Gothic, chandelier, castle/coach, stained glass, Alice in Wonderland, stripes, chess, fairytale, painting, Harlequin and circus prints, applique details
Vintage medical/nurse and military fashion
Victorian/Steampunkish bags, clasp bags or trunk bags
Shoes that fit 9/9.5US (25.5-26/LL/3L), boots that fit 9-10 (25.5/26/LL/3L) or 40-42EU
Tea Parties, platforms, Victorian/granny boots, AATP/Btssb shoes/boots in LL, IW/VM shoes/boots in LL
Cage skirts, petticoats, bloomer trousers and high waist trousers
Petticoats with megapoof or a nice full never-die shape, or long organdy/chiffon, bell-shaped petticoats with moderate poof
High collar vests, parkas/capes/coats, massive hoods
Detachable sleeves in any color, primarily flared sleeves r poofy sleeves
Chiffon, pearskin, and georgette fabrics; lace details
Specially seeking
Btssb/AATP: Shooting Star Ala Mode OP, Primavera Waltz OP, Btssb Hoshi no Namida OP, Queen's Coach OP/JSK, Twilight Circus
JetJ: Jet x GLB circus collab set, carnival collab set, red riding hood, Feerie, Fee dune Fleur
AP: Wonder Queen in wine, Dream Sky OP in navy (or other), Royal Unicorn, Melty Chocolate Princess OP, Moon Night Theater
IW: IW x Alphonse Mucha skirt or OP, Rose Ribbon Embroidery JSK
MmM: Sleeping Garden, Lace Embroidery JSK, Ruins Cathedral, Hymn, Divine Cross

Will consider reasonable offers for old sales and old trades.
Tags: !ds, !dt, *petite, *plus size, *publications, *replica, alice and the pirates, an*tai*na, angelic pretty, anna house, any brand, atelier boz, baby the stars shine bright, black peace now, bodyline, color:black, color:blue, color:brown, color:cream, color:green, color:grey, color:pink, color:purple, color:red, color:white, color:yellow, fanplusfriend, h.naoto, handmade, indie brand, innocent world, item:accessory, item:bag, item:blouse, item:bolero, item:cardigan, item:cutsew, item:hair accessory, item:hoodie/parka, item:innerwear, item:jumperskirt, item:legwear, item:miniskirt, item:novelty, item:onepiece, item:outerwear, item:pants, item:salopette, item:shoes, item:skirt, metamorphose, miho matsuda, offbrand, peace now, putumayo, r-series, sweet rococo, swimmer, taobao
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