RedLotusNin (redlotusnin) wrote in egl_comm_sales,

DS: Meta Teddy Patissier Fully-shirred Skirt - $65 + Shipping and others

Location: Wisconsin, USA


1. Priority goes to the first person that can pay in full.
2. Because of the low price of the item, I would prefer to not do payment plans.
3. Holds for serious buyers only.
4. No trades at this time.
5. PayPal only, and I hold the buyer responsible for PayPal fees. You must either send me the payment as a gift, or if I invoice you, I will include the paypal fees into the invoice.
6. All items are sold as-is. Please pay close attention to the descriptions and stock photos. No refunds.
7. All items come from smoke-free homes. However, the items may have been around my boyfriend's dog who sheds. If you have severe pet allergies, please note.


This is the stock photo. For proof photos click here.

Selling a Gothic Lolita Wigs curly bob wig. I believe the wig is discontinued on the site. The color is a chocolate brown. No damages that I can see. No tangles but it is a little frizzy. Wig might be a little squashed by the curls still have their shape. Worn 2-3 times. For more details, check the stock photos and read the descriptions.

Selling because I don't wear it. Hoping to selling for $20 + shipping/pp fees, but make me an offer.

I do not have a stock photo.

Selling a Metamorphose Teddy Patissier skirt in red (this is Meta's "red"--the color is more like a raspberry-ish color in-person). The skirt is fully-shirred and can fit an absolute min. measurements of 22inches/54cm, and an absolute max. measurements of 119cm/47inches. Well-suited for a variety of sizes, inluding plus-sizes. I am the second owner and I've worn it about 4 times but there are no noticeable damages, fading or discoloration that I can see.

Selling because it doesn't suit my wardrobe and because it was an impulse buy. Hoping to sell for $65 + shipping/pp fees, but make me an offer.

This is the stock photo. The item is actually in brown. For proof photos click here.

Selling a Fan+Friend Ouji mini-top hat. Worn maybe one. There are no damages that I can see, but it might look a bit squashed (the hat had no wiring so there's no shape to it). The item is a bit older.

Selling because I don't wear it. Hoping to sell for $15 + shipping/pp fees, but I'll take offers.

Tags: !ds, *plus size, color:brown, color:red, fanplusfriend, item:hair accessory, item:miniskirt, item:skirt, item:wigs, metamorphose
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