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!DS - Closet Cleaning A Whole Mess of Brand and Off-Brand, Something For Everyone!

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1. Please PM with paypal address for invoicing for your safety!

2. Priority goes to whomever is prepared to pay in full first. Interest or asking of questions does not constitute a hold on an item until you have agreed to pay and I have sent the invoice.

3. Failure to pay the invoice within 24 hours will result in the item being offered to the next interested buyer in line.

4. All prices include fees and shipping within the continental US. For international or non-US shipping, please inquire and tell me your country and which item/s you are interested in. Warning: I will not ship without insurance outside of the US, which may result in exorbitant shipping fees.

5. I'm still waiting for the necessary shipping supplies to come in the mail (mainly mailing bags) so thank you for your patience while these things are sent to me. I was silly and didn't have these things prepared before hand...

6. As shipping is included in the prices, I may give a discount at my discretion for multiple items purchased together.

7. Prices are negotiable within reason.

8. Paypal or amazon payments only, your choice.

9. *ALLERGY WARNING* I have 2 cats. I will make every effort to remove any stray cat hairs that may have found their way on to an item but I can't guarantee I'll get ALL of it. If you have a problem with this please do not buy from me.

10. All prices are in United States Dollars (USD)

Item 1 - Innocent World Tailored Bustle JSK in White x Black - $125 SOLD

Proof (it doesn't fit my dress form)
Lolibrary with Measurements
Condition: 5/5 New with Tags, Never Worn
Details: I bought this during one of IW's sales but it does not fit me. There is no stretch at all to this jsk, it can be laced smaller but that is it. It is rather short and due to the nature of the material it is ever so slightly see-through. Would be wonderful for layering.

Item 2 - Metamorphose Music Note Embroidery in White X Pink - $80 SOLD

Skirt L: 23"
Condition: 4/5 Used, shows some age, very minor flaws.
Details: I bought this used from MBOK. There is a small pen mark on the front of the dress, I know it's there but I couldn't find it to photograph it. There are also two or three small yellow dots in various places which are from the previous owner and dry cleaning could not remove. They are no larger than the head of a pin. The bow on the front is detachable and there are VERY small holes from the pin being there, not really noticeable even with the bow off. The shirring has a little bit of give, I've reflected what I believe to be the range of stretch in the measurements above. Dress is fully lined and includes waist ties.

Item 3 - Angelic Pretty Sugary Carnival Special JSK - $150 SOLD

Lolibrary with Measurements
Condition: 4/5 Used, 1 minor damage.
Details: Obtained lightly used, I do have 1 bad piece of news. While I was testing the measurement I noticed some damage I hadn't seen before. Here's a picture. One of the lace/ricrac lacing loops has come away from the body of the dress. I can take it to a tailor and see if I can have it fixed and the price remains the same, or I will send it as is with a discount of $20 (total cost being $130).

Item 4 - BTSSB REPLICA Black Swiss Dot OP PLUS SIZE - Includes POSSIBLY BTSSB matching headbow - $80 SOLD

Additional Images -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6- -7- -8-
Skirt Length:20"
Condition: 3/5 See notes
Details: I purchased this from someone who sold it to me as BTSSB - she did not realize it was a replica but it was quite apparent when I received it that it is indeed. I do not know the source of this dress. It has all the earmarks of being a replica - the lace is soft but not the best, the selvedge edge of the both the lining fabric(on the inside next to the zipper) can be seen, the waist ties are skinny and overall it is just clearly not brand quality.

On the other hand, taken as what it is, it is not a terrible replica and would be great for someone just starting out and/or on a budget. Even better, despite not having any shirring or elastic in the back it is sized a little more generously, and the square neckline, moderate waist height and gathered 1/3 sleeve is quite flattering for many body types. It is fully lined.

Included is a headbow which DOES have a BTSSB label and charm sewn on, so there's a possibility that they are legit but I can't say for certain. The bow includes internal wiring so you can shape it how you like.

Item 5 - Metamorphose Sailor Mini Skirt with Detachable Pocket Emblems - $65

Condition: 5/5 Used, very little wear.
Details: Obtained lightly used, no visible signs of use. This skirt is exceptionally small and I beg you heed the listed measurements. The pockets have a ricrac detail and 2 pin-back embroidered emblems which can be detached. There are buttons for waist ties but they were not included when I purchased the skirt.

Item 6 -Metamorphose Moonlight Night Fully Shirred Skirt in IvoryXBrown - $130 SOLD

W:20"-40" There is a serious amount of stretch here folks.
Condition: 5/5 New with tags
Details: From last year's winter LP. Has lovely soft brown lace attached to an inner liner.

Item 7 - IxDoXDeclare Dino A La Mode Skirt in Hot Pink - $60 SOLD

Condition: 5/5 (It is just wrinkled from storage in the picture.)
Details: One of the first Lolita items I ever coveted and bought. It's simply too large for me to wear and it breaks my heart to sell it but if I've had it for 3.5 years now and haven't gotten it taken in, it's never going to happen. No shirring but has lots of length and can be worn lower on the waist so it's a good item for those with a more ample waistline. It has a pocket!

Item 8 - Innocent World Detachable Jabot Blouse in IvoryXBrown SOLD

Condition: 5/5 - I might have worn it once?
Details: From an Oddment LP but I didn't see any signs of wear or dirt. Includes waist ties

Item 9 - Off-Brand Blouse - $15 SOLD

Condition: 4/5 - Very little signs of wear for a used vintage blouse!
Details: One of the very first lolita items I ever bought! Slightly larger size an well fitted for more ample bosoms. Made of a very soft silky-like fabric with a delicate feather pattern, it's really quite lovely.

Item 10 - My Dearest Victoria Indie Brand SUPER SWEET KITTEN Cutsew - $35

Condition: 5/5 - Handmade item, worn only once.
Details: This shirt is kind of ridiculous. I love it but I haven't really found anywhere to wear it yet. The cap sleeves might be a little tight and the neck straps are not detachable.

Item 11 - Jane Marple Royal Purple Sweater Vest - $30

Condition: 4/5 - Bought second hand, no obvious signs of wear.
Details: This is a great item for layering during the chilly autumn and winter! It has a lot of stretch and is made of a very thick material.

Item 12 - Metamorphose Big Bow Cardigan - $50

Condition: 5/5 - From a Lucky Pack, worn only once.
Details: This is a really lovely cardigan with lots of sweet elements. Quite thick and warm!

Item 13 - Metamorphose Navy Knit Ruffle Cardigan - $65

Condition: 4/5 - Bought second hand, no visible signs of wear.
Details: A somewhat lighter cardigan, features some tasteful ruffle details, crystal-shaped plastic buttons and silver Metamorphose logo embroidery. It comes with a navy knit bow on a pin (not shown).

Item 14 - Brown Bodyline Cardigan - $30 SOLD

Condition: 5/5 No visible signs of wear
Details: A nice wardrobe staple, the neck tie bow is not detachable and it has brown heart shaped buttons.

Item 15 - Off-brand Loliable Jacket - $15

Condition: 4/5 - Some signs of wear.
Details: Are you an ambitious Lolita, climbing the corporate ladder while refusing to compromise your personal style? This jacket is a great way to incorporate Lolita aesthetics into your daily wear!

Item 16 -BTSSB Hypoallergenic Earrings - $45

Condition: 5/5 - Purchased second hand but no sign of wear or damage.
Details: These are made of resin or acrylic? They are sparkly and look like crystal with the BTSSB logo charm embedded in them. They are a little bit heavy on the ear, but have plastic/acrylic/resin posts and backings, so if you are sensitive to metals like I am, these ought to be just fine in your dainty little ears!

Item 17 - Metamorphose XL Handbag- $100 (See below)

Additional Images -1- -2- -3- -4- -5- -6-
Condition: 3/5 - Purchased second hand from MBOK arrived with a number of small damages.
Details: This is a pretty big bag - compare photo with brick background to images of shoes (below) for an idea of scale. Most of the damages are on the bottom and back side so they wouldn't be very obvious when wearing or holding the bag. The front side embroidery is lovely and without blemish. This bag is quite massive and could easily hold everything you need for a day out with your frilliest of friends, even a spare tea set (in case of emergencies). The high price for this despite the damages is due to the high cost of shipping, including the Metamorphose box. If you wanted to forego the Meta box, I could probably fit it into a smaller box or a flat rate box for a lower rate. If you are interested in purchasing I'll present you with your shipping options and adjusted price upon request.

Item 18 - Bodyline Sky Scraper Red Bow Rocking Horse Shoes - $40

Additional Images -1- -2-
Size: US Size 7.5
Condition: 3/5 - Purchased second hand, some minor staining inside shoes and 1 scuff on left shoe on the instep.
Details: Worn twice, some undetermined staining on the inside, not visible on the exterior. These shoes are super high! Cost is high due to shipping.

Item 19 - Black Platform Creepers - $25

Additional Images -1- -2- -3-
Size: China size 39
Condition: 4/5 - Purchased from ebay, never worn but arrived with small damages (see additional images)
Details: These are kind of the quality you'd expect from shoes bought on ebay from China.

Item 20 - Miz Mooz Ankara in Ice - $25

Additional Images -1- -2-
Size: 8.5
Condition: 4/5 - Purchased new, worn once or twice.
Details: These shoes have an inflexible sole so they would be good for people who have fallen arches. Comes with a replacement heel cap.

Item 21 - Off brand Pumps - $20

Additional Images -1-
Size: 8.5
Condition: 5/5 - Purchased new, never worn.
Details: An off-white color I just don't have anything that goes with them. They have this incredible squishy comfortable insole.

Thanks for reading!

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