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Petra Z.

DS: Czech Lolita Calendar 2014

  • I ship from Europe, from the Czech republic.

  • I can ship worldwide.

  • I ship by Registered Airmail, with tracking number.

  • I can ship more calendars to one address, it would be a bit cheaper than shipping just one (per calender), please ask for total price.

  • If you go to Hellocon, you can pick it up there personally (no shipping fee), but please contact me so I have a calender reservered just for you. Payment by PayPal now, you will pick it up at Hellocon later (at sales booth of indie brand Porcelain Doll)

  • 220 CZK + shipping to Europe 163 CZK = total 383 CZK = about 14 EUR

  • 220 CZK + shipping to other continents 205 CZK = total 425 CZK = about 21 USD

    About the calendar
  • 13 full color pages size A4

  • All photos made by Ketmara

  • Ketmara travelled around the Czech republic and took many photos of girls from the Czech Lolita community, and put them in this calendar.

  • Text is in czech language, but it's only the months names.

  • Sundays are written with bigger numbers (but there is a little mistake in July, where is marked Saturday instead >_<)

  • I have about 40 copies for sale.

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