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DS - Big wardrobe cleaning, IW, Miho Matsuda, ETC, Haneuli, BtSSB, offbrand - CLOSED

Please read this first:

  • I ship from Sweden (EU)

  • My feedback

  • I live in a non-smoking and pet free home

  • All prices include PayPal fees, but not shipping, please ask for shipping to your country

  • I accept payments through PayPal, bank transfer is ok if you live in Sweden

  • I might be able to meet you up in Stockholm until the 12th of January 2014

  • All prices will be paid in Swedish Krona (SEK)

  • I'm not responsible for any packages lost by the post office

  • Please feel free to give me an offer if the price doesn't suit you, I want to get rid of these things!

  • The things in this entry is only available for sale until the 12th of January, Swedish time, since I go back to Japan after that. This sale is now closed

Innocent World Chess JSK - 1950 SEK


In good condition, used a few times by me.

Innocent World Walkies Print JSK - 1750 SEK


On Hellolace (

Innocent World Bianca JSK - 750 SEK


Used once or twice but in mint condition, There is elastic in the back, menaing the size is more or less free.

On Lolibrary

Innocent World Rose Basket Skirt - 900 SEK SOLD

In good condition. Measures 30 across the waist and streches about 10 cm. My waist is 74 cm, but I still fit in it although it's a little bit tight. I wouldn't reckomend it to someone who's waist is wider than my own.

Link to the jsk version on Lolibrary (I'm selling the SKIRT)

Innocent World Tulle Lace Tripple Ribbon JSK - 500 SEK SOLD


Soft and slightly strechy fabric.

On Hellolace

Innocent World Short Sleeved Blouse - 400 SEK SOLD
Without the bow-and-ruffle thing

In good condition, the only flaw I can find is a small spot on the left sleeve.

Innocent World Bambi Tote Bag 200 SEK

In mint condition.

Haneuli Stained Glass Skirt 1500 SEK

On Lolibrary (I have a custom sized version)

In mint condition, never used, only tried on, Since it was a little bit too big for me I sewed on a thing so that I could make it smaller. That is easy to remove though, please see the detail picture. The waist is 72 cm + about 20 cm shirring (my measurement). It's a custom ordered plus size version.

Offbrand Blouse - 400 SEK


Bought new at Closet Child and never used, only tried on. In mint condition. The fabric is a little bit strechy, making it comfortable to wear! The only reason I'm selling it is because I realised I didn't have anything to wear to it.

Miho Matsuda Wine Red Skirt - 850 SEK


New with tag, never used, only tried on.

Miho Matsuda Striped Skirt - 750 SEK


In good condition, only used once.

BtSSB School Cardigan 400 SEK SOLD

Small flaw close up
Small flaw

100% wool. Varm and perfect for winter! In good condition except a small flaw on the back. It was once two small holes, but I fixed it with some stiches and it's hardly visible when worn.

Emily Temple Cute JSK - 1400 SEK SOLD


In good condition, used a few times by me.

Montreal RHS Shoes - 250 SEK


In mint condition, never used, only tried on.

Measure 24 cm if I measure the lenght on the inside.

Striped Head Bow from Morbide Nuitée 150 SEK


I am the first owner and I've only used it twice, in mint condition.

Imperial Fiddlesticks Emporium Bows 40 SEK


In mint condition.

Thanks for looking!

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