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Hello everyone!
I'm undergoing a GIANT closet cleaning!

My feedback:

+ Moi-meme-Moitie Chandelier OP in black x gra
+ Moi-meme-Moitie Cathedral Ruins middle length SKIRT in ivory x black
+ Innocent World Rose Basket / Cage Angel JSK in BLACK / LONG

+ Baby the Stars Shine Bright Antique Royal Velveteen JSK in RED
+ Juliette et Justine Antique Dentelle Robe in BLACK (ONEPIECE)
+ Alice & the Pirates Diana Chiffon JSK in BLACK
+ Alice & the Pirates Tiered Pintucks JSK in BLACK
+ Moi-meme-Moitie holy cross lace arm covers in black x white
+ Innocent World Alphabet Rose JSK in PINK / SHORT
+ Innocent World Octavia JSK in BLACK
+ Innocent World Birdcage JSK in BORDEAUX / LONG
+ Innocent World Pietro Angel JSK in BORDEAUX / LONG

QUICK DS! with lots of items. I would like to sell these all as soon as possible!
*** LJ uploaded some of my photos really small, so just ask me if you'd like to see a larger size image!
+ Payment plans are OK, but spanning only over 1.5 week total (If there's something you really really want, we can try to work something out!)
+ I ship within one week of payment
+ NO TRADES except for Baby the Stars Shine Bright Doll Romancia black JSK
+ Priority goes to buyers offering to pay in full, unless a payment plan has been already agreed upon!

BABY the STARS SHINE BRIGHT Velveteen Royal Antique JSK in RED
_IMG_1191e aIMG_1194 bIMG_1182_small
IMG_1173 fIMG_1161 eIMG_1158e
zIMG_1166 zIMG_1169IMG_1174
$270 Free U.S. shipping!
Bust: 88 - 97
Waist: 68 - 78
Length: 92
Material: lovely thick red velvet with lots of red lace trim
Features: Waist ties, back shirring with ribbon, detachable B logo charm on pearl chain, lots and lots of lace and ruffes!
Year released: 2010
History: I am its second owner. This dress shows some signs of wear in the velveteen fabric, but there are no outright scuffed patches or damages (I'd rate it in 3.5/5, condition, and this is reflected in its lowered price).
RFS: I was so excited about this dress that I own it in two colorways! All of BABY's velveteen items are perfect and I adore all the beautiful lace trims, so hung on to this one thinking I wouldn't find it again. But as much as I love velvet and this particular shade of red, I can't really justify owning both colors when I never choose to wear this one! I hope the next owner of this dress loves it as much as I do.


Moi-meme-Moitie Cathedral Ruins middle-length SKIRT  ivory x black
aIMG_1227 printIMG_1226 ruins_coord
$230 free US shipping!
Waist: official measurement is 64.5, but it seems to fit me like my JetJ size 2 skirts, which are 69 cm.
Ideally someone with a 68 cm waist or smaller should wear this.
Length: 66 cm
Material: ivory georgette and black print
Features: fully lined, front and back pleats, and of course a very, very detailed print similar, quite similar to Silent Moon
Year released: 2012
History: I am the skirt's first owner and bought it directly new from cdjapan!
RFS: I plan to buy the black x blue OP instead

Moi-meme-Moitie Chandelier OP  black x grey
MmM_ChandelierOP_aIMG_1125e _aIMG_1126 _IMG_1107aIMG_1099aIMG_1098   aIMG_1104aIMG_1105 aIMG_1106 printIMG_1097
$375 free US shipping!
Bust: 80-96 (There is an elastic at the underbust/highwaist)
Waist: free (This dress is highwaist, so the skirt flares out before getting to your waist)
Length: 91
Material: black polyester with (cotton?) cross lace
Features: Fully lined inside, Elastic band at back, zipper in middle of back, elastic around sleeves, rose-shaped antique goldtone buttons on the front, frills on the front, tulle and beautiful rose cross lace at the hem of the skirt, detailed Chandelier print on 6 panels making the skirt (3 on the front, 3 at the back), removeable satin frill ribbon to tie around underbust

Innocent World  Rose Basket / Cage Angel JSK in BLACK
+ Stock image of ivory is long length (what I am selling)
+ Stock image of black is short length
79499_300 full iw_jsk_rosebasketangel_coloraIMG_1254 aIMG_1259 aIMG_1260 aIMG_1265
Bust: 66-93 cm bust
Waist: 61 - 72 cm waist
This is the LONG length JSK. The bodice has adjustable length (due to the straps) but because the skirt makes up most of the dress length, this JSK would be suited to someone who likes wearing a dress below the knees.
Length: 69 cm skirt length, as measured by me. The official full length measurement is 108 cm official measurement, but this may vary depending on how far you tie the straps.
Material: Thick black cotton with white print.
Features: Pleated print skirt, back shirring, detachable waist ties (very sturdy: two buttons per waist tie secure it on either side of the dress), halter neck straps that, if you'd like, you could attach buttons to because there are button holes at the back of the dress and wear it as a regularly strapped dress (though IW did not provide buttons, as they never do with their halter dresses), pinched fabric at bust creates a pretty sweetheart neckline.
Year released: 2008
History: I am the second owner of the dress and bought it NWT from someone who never wore it (I have no idea why. It's my favorite IW print!)
RFS: I already have the skirt and wear that one more often!

Juliette et Justine Antique Dentelle Robe (BLACK ONEPIECE)
antique-dentelleIMG_1569IMG_1570 IMG_1582IMG_1571 IMG_1572
$210 Free shipping anywhere!
Bust: 96-100 (possiby more. My dress form only goes to 100)
Waist: (can go very small) 65? to 90
Length: 98 cm
Material: soft cotton chiffon
Year released: 2010, possibly 2011
Features: Full shirring! Even the sleeves have shirring so are comfortable around the arms while still providing that perfect juliette-sleeve poof.  There is beautiful rose lace on the sleeve cuffs, and the sleeves of this dress are also quite long so it is fantastic for those of us tall lolitas who have a hard time finding blouses with long sleeves (I'm looking at you, Innocent World blouses!)
This dress can be worn as an underdress, like a blouse under a JSK, or can be worn on its own with a bustier/corset or belt to show off the many tiers of large rose lace on the skirt
History: I bought this dress NWOT last year and have worn it once and carefully hand-washed it. It is in near-perfect condition!
RFS: I bought this dress because it looked so good with my Grazia Crown JSK, but since I sold that dress, I haven't been using this as much, and believe another owner will get more use out of this OP than I will

Alice and the Pirates Tiered Pintucked JSK in BLACK + modified AATP headdress
aatp_tiered-pintuck-jsk-editIMG_1591_e IMG_1592 zback1zback2 zbackzoom zIMG_1587
Bust: 84 - 100+ (the shirring on this dress is more accommodating than any other AATP dress I've owned)
Waist: 70 - 80+ (this can accommodate nearly any waist size due to the shirring reason stated above, plus its drop-waist design allows for more room)
Length: 105 cm
Year released: 2013
Material: thick black cotton sateen (this dress is very heavy and perfect for winter!)
Features: GIANT circle skirt with lots of poof potential, high quality heavy cotton sateen and lace on the tiered pintucked skirt and lace on the neckline. Removable front bib with pintucks, detachable waist ties, and long waist tie you can remove or tie through the belt loops. Shirring in the back can stretch very far, and there is boning in the front for a nice shape.
History: I am the first owner of this dress and bought it new from the BtSSB/AATP online shop because it so closely resembles Mary Magdalene's Elodie Doll JSK :)   It has never been worn outside because I don't have a giant cupcake petti co accomodate it.
RFS: Although I adore the length on this dress, I have so many other black dresses that I tend to wear. I have tried it on, but it is in fact new (I removed the tag). It has sat it in my closet for a year and it should go to a new home.

Alice and the Pirates Diana Chiffon JSK in BLACK PAYMENT PLAN IN PROGRESS
DianaChiffonJSK-black bIMG_1058 cIMG_1057dIMG_1062 eIMG_1061 aIMG_1060
Bust: 82-93 cm
Waist: (can go quite small) to max 77 cm
Length: 95 cm (including trim)
Year released: 2011
Material: nicely textured poly shantung, with black chiffon trim (woven with silver threads), lots of black lace
Features: Back shirring with black ribbon, detachable waist ties, detachable AATP logo charm on pearl chain, A-line shape, pretty large lacey bow on front sewn atop the ruched chiffon bust
History: I am the second owner of this dress - received it dry-cleaned and have never worn it out, only tried on.
RFS: My favorite cut for a JSK is this, the A-line shape, so I have amassed quite a few and am now trying to cull down my collection!

Innocent World Octavia JSK in BLACK x BLACK
IW_Octavia_blackxblack IMG_1574 IMG_1575 IMG_1576 IMG_1580
$170 free U.S. Shipping!
Bust: 85-98 (It looks best on smaller busts, though)
Waist: 64-84
Length: 93 (including trim length)
Material: smooth black cotton sateen dress with light poly chiffon trim and bust decoration.
Features: Back shirring with black ribbon, White and back resin cameo attached to the bust, can be worn as a halter or add buttons to wear as a regularly strapped JSK (like most recent IW JSKs, this dress has button holes in back for adjustable length straps)
Year released: 2011
History: I am its first owner, bought it in the IW Summer Sale in 2012 and never wore it. This dress is NWOT.
RFS: Again, I have way to many black dresses ;) This dress is beautiful in its simplicity and is perfect for classic lolita, but I find myself leaning less towards classic these days and more towards rufflier, princessier (that's not even a word, is it) gothic pieces instead!

Innocent World Alphabet Rose JSK in pink / short
$140 free shipping anywhere!
Bust: 80 - 98~
Waist: 62 - 82
Length: 93 cm
Material: lightweight printed cotton, perfect for warmer weather
Features: Back shirring with pink ribbon, and can be worn as a halter or add buttons to wear as a regularly strapped JSK (like most recent IW JSKs, this dress has button holes in back for adjustable length straps), also features one of the prettiest most underrated IW prints
Year released: 2010
History: I am its second owner. First owner wore it 3 times, I wore it twice and gently hand-washed it (this print doesn't seem to run! :D)
RFS: I absolutely adore this print, but I would really prefer to own the long length of this same dress and am currently on the hunt for that!

Innocent World Birdcage JSK in BORDEAUX / LONG
IW_Birdcage_bordeaux_long-edit aIMG_0315 IMG_1068 IMG_1064IMG_1070 IMG_1072 IMG_1080 IMG_1081IMG_1084 zIMG_1074 zIMG_1075
$170 free shipping anywhere!
Bust: 85 - 98~
Waist: 62 - 82
Length: 108 cm
Material: textured polyester / shantung. The color of this dress is more of a BORDEAUX or WINE (purple tones) than a BURGUNDY (red/brown tones).
Features: Back shirring with a bordeaux ribbon, has adjustable straps, has a very detailed print and perfectly matching bordeauxlace at the skirt hem and front of bodice. Because this is the long version of the JSK, the skirt features more fabric with the print of the intricate filigree print (at the top of the skirt, below the bodice). The short version only has a few inches of this elaborate design, which is why I bought the long. This part of the print is my favorite part.
Year released: 2012
History: I am the first owner and bought this dress new directly from Innocent World in 2012!
RFS: I never wear this dress because I bought it expecting a brownish red. I don't think purple tones suit my skin tone.

Innocent World  Pietro Angel JSK in BORDEAUX / LONG
01 IMG_1131 IMG_1137IMG_1148 IMG_1156 zIMG_1138 zIMG_1144
$170 free shipping anywhere!
Bust: 85 - 98
Waist: 62 - 82
Length: 108 cm
Material: The print part is made of very lightweight, textured cotton. The front bib is made of a smooth slightly thicker cotton. The print part is reddish-wine toned, and the bib is slightly more purple-wine toned.
Features: Back shirring with a bordeaux ribbon, adjustable straps, skirt made of tiers of angels print, front has a pleated bib made of smooth cotton. This is the LONG version of the dress.
Year released: 2012
History: I am the first owner of the dress and bought it directly from Innocent World! I did remove the two tiny bows pictured in the stock image but cannot find them, which is why I'm selling this dress at a discount.
RFS: I tend not to wear these colors, though I love angel prints.

Year released: 2007
History: I am its second owner. The first owner wore it a a couple times before selling it to me. This dress is in surprisingly good condition for its age. I'd rate it 4/5 (some feeling of wear, but maybe that's just me because I'm not used to owning older Moitie and the fabric is different).
RFS: I simply don't wear it often enough.

Moi-meme-Moitie holy cross lace arm covers black x white
Price: $60 free shipping ANYWHERE!
History: I am its second owner. I bought them new without tag and they are in perfect condition.
Length: Each arm cover is 21 inches from end to end!
Features: Main part of the arm cover is made of black netting, and on either end of each arm cover there is black tulle under Moitie's signature holy cross lace. At the top part there is one row of gathered holy cross lace (white), and at the bottom part (which goes on the wrist) there are two layers of holy cross lace (white). These look beautiful under a jacket as wrist cuffs, or worn with an OP.
RFS: I prefer small wrist cuffs or gloves.

Tags: !ds, alice and the pirates, baby the stars shine bright, innocent world, juliette et justine, moi-meme-moitie

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