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DS: my entire lolita wardrobe

I'm selling off the last of my Lolita items as I never wear them. Everything is priced to sell, I want this stuff gone!

prices include shipping by parcel post w/i the US. if you want insurance or delivery confirmation it will be a bit extra. same for shipping outside the US. my egl-comm-sales feedback post is here, there's not a ton of feedback, but i have lots of selling feedback on magpiethrift here i am happy to take additional photos or measurements. i cannot try on all the clothes for pics since they don't all fit me right now. PRICES HAVE BEEN REDUCED! YOU MUST GIVE ME TWO WEEKS TO SHIP, I HAVE A FULL TIME JOB AND CANNOT ALWAYS MAKE IT TO THE POST OFFICE ON SATURDAY.

prices are negotiable, especially if you buy more than one item. bigger discounts for bigger purchases! please remember that i have to cover shipping when making offers. please don't feel shy about making offers, i want this stuff gone forever.

Black Peace Now strawberry necklace

black peace now strawberry and heart necklace, $20 $15.



candy violet pearl heart wing necklace, $10 $5. SOLD

6%dokidoki heart necklace

6% dokidoki pink heart necklace, $20 $15.



Innocent World Alice in Wonderland necklace. The picture flips to show Alice as well as the white rabbit! $35, comes in original black velvet jewelry bag.

6%dokidoki necklace

6% dokidoki spiderweb necklace, $16. SOLD

red heart card ring from heart e, $15 $10. SOLD


6% dokidoki bow ring, $10.





6% dokidoki cutsews, in white and black, great condition and never worn. $30 $18 each.

Meta cutsews


meta swan logo and thumbelina cutsews, worn only a few times, $30 $18 each. META SWAN SOLD

A+ lidel strawberry cutsew. this has been worn several times but is still in good condition, just with some normal wear/fading. $25 $15.




baby the stars shine bright sailor striped cutsew (detachable sleeves!). $40 $30.

bananafish skull princess shirt, $20 $15, has been worn a fair amount.

red metamorphose bear coat, $290 $225 $180 (originally $300 and has been worn very briefly once). hood can be replaced with collar and fur trim on cuffs is detachable. heart on back is also detachable.

meta girly note skirt, comes with detachable bow and belt. $130 $90 $65. SOLD

emily temple cute jsk - gorgeous and detailed! in great shape, $230 $160 $130.

Heart E purse


heart e mushroom purse, there is a small black faint stain on the back of the purse. this might come off with some magic eraser or other cleaner, i haven't tried. $35 $25.

Swimmer red purse

swimmer red patent leather bow purse, very cute! $19 $15. SOLD

Heart E card suit purse

heart e card suit purse, $50 $35.



innocent world dollhouse purse. i'm really sad to be selling this as i love it, but i never use it. I used it maybe twice. $65. SOLD

Bad mirror shot of boots and Kid Pirate t-shirt

Front view of Rose Chocolat boots

Side view of Rose Chocolat boots.

My new red boots from Rose Chocolat.



Rose Chocolat red boots, there are some scuffs which are probably removable with shoe polish. Size US 6. $40.
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