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SS: HALLOWEEN SPECIALS!! Osaka/Kobe/Online (Q-pot, AP, AATP/Btssb, etc) + Hawaii (Fabric, GLB/Kera)

* Halloween is coming! Be prepared with some spooooky treats! *


Click to see all available items!

I had a shopping service for Q-pot in Hawaii before it closed.  I am still able to purchase items from the Q-pot and other brand online shops or physical stores. Please feel free to contact me if there's any way I can help you out. For any item that you don't know the price for, I would be glad to find that out so don't be afraid to ask! :)

A semi-continuously updated list of what is in stock appears on the official Q-pot site with some special/limited/seasonal items appearing or remaining in physical stores. I will try to keep special/seasonal release in-stock update listing on my page as well. I will be updating with the newer additions as they come in. There are sometimes items available that do not appear on either official page so if you have heard about it, you can always ask and I will check for you!

I can also check on auction sites; acceptance at my own discretion.

My friend and shopping partner now lives closer to Osaka and Kobe and she conducts shopping trips every weekend. She goes through Sannomiya every day on the way home. We can buy almost anything from Sannomiya/Osaka/Kobe shops or online shops! Just ask!

Some toppings were limited Hawaii releases and are no longer available. Ice cream is a summer seasonal special. All necklace accessories can be mixed and matched.

Partial list of availability here.


15% of total cost or $3 (whichever is higher) + $2.50 transport fee

+ shipping if applicable
+Paypal fee: 3% + $0.35 (US), 4% + $0.35 (worldwide)
Hawaii tax: 5%
Transport fee is one-time for each store visit and covers 35-50% of the transportation cost.
This rate applies to US domestic purchases only.

Item cost: ¥0 - ¥1000 = + ¥300 commission
Item cost:¥1001 - ¥3500 = + ¥500 commission
Item cost:¥3501 + = 15% commission
+¥300 transport fee (Osaka/Kobe) OR domestic shipping (online stores)

+ Paypal fees: 3% + ¥45 (US), 4% + ¥45 (worldwide)
Shipping from Japan based on weight.
Japan tax: 5%

Transport fee is a one-time fee per order and covers 30%-50% of the transportation cost.
*May convert to US dollars upon request. Rates subject to change*

Proxy Online Buying Service
Proxy bidding: $3 for a single item/bid (no stalking needed), +15% for multiple items
Proxy bidding: Yahoo!Japan ~ standard Japan commission rate applies + any Y!J fees (Y!J commission)
Proxy bidding: mbok ~ standard Japan commission rate applies + any mbok fees (
¥315 + mbok commission)
Proxy shopping: $5 per item (bulk rate may apply for small items on the same site), +10% if order per shop exceeds 5 items or needs to be signed for.
Paypal fee: 3% + $0.35 (US), 4% + $0.35 OR 3% + ¥45 (US), 4% + ¥45 (worldwide)
Will show proof of items and forward all tracking and shipping confirmations from the stores or sellers upon request.
Will hold items until buyer decides to have them forwarded.
All costs are the buyer's responsibility.

*Y!Japan: There is a commission charge stacked onto the total of the auction as charged by Y!Japan.

**mbok: There is a non-refundable charge of ¥315 which is needed to bid in the system to begin with and then after that will be standard bidding processes. Buyer pays the premium so the commission mbok charges is added to the cost after the auction is won and not taken out of the total that was bid on like eBay does. There is also a fee that is charged for paying for the item.*

~Fabrics, Trims, Etc.~
Some swatches here. Subject to availability. Average price: $5-$9/yard for fabric (some may be more)
Fabric shopping service fees and swatches

$3.50/yard for cottons and cotton blends (i.e. quilter's cotton, batiks, muslin)
$5.50/yard for all other fabrics (i.e. brocade, faux fur, polyvinyl, etc.) due to weight and bulk
$1.50/ea trims and notions regardless of length
*tasseled/bulky pieces may be more*
$1 each patterns set

I may offer a discount for full-bolt purchases, but only if I am able to get one from my suppliers. I would charge regular rate and apply the discount as a refund after.
Special imports and orders may be requested: Please supply  swatch and/or brand, name of print, and any other information if possible.
Kimono fabrics and imports of brands such as Cosmo Textiles may start at $15/yard up to $55/yard retail if not available through wholesale.
5% tax + necessary Paypal charges apply

Super cute and delicious cupcake fabric swatches have been added!

All payment types accepted, Paypal preferred. Bank/wire transfer and MoneyGram or well concealed cash may also be accepted.
All fees must be covered by buyer. Euro, British Pound Sterling, Yen, Australian Dollar, and US Dollar are accepted through Paypal, US dollar and Japanese yen preferred.
Cash and money order/cashier's cheques will be accepted and are sent at the seller's own risk. Tracking or certification on the envelope is recommended. All money orders and cashier's cheques are subject to a 7-10 business day hold.

All store-holds require a non-refundable 50% deposit.
All online orders require 100% pre-payment before the order will be placed.
Additional shipping charges will be assessed after order has been finalized if parcel exceeds shipping estimate if given.

Shipping from Hawaii will be via First Class unless otherwise requested or if items exceed 13oz/369g, free tracking and insurance up to $50 included for priority mail.
Tracking is free worldwide for all parcels shipping from the US. Comprehensive tracking costs more and automatically includes some insurance.

Shipping options will be given for EMS, Airmail, SAL, and Surface Mail for items shipped from Japan.
EMS comes with tracking. SAL may be registered for parcels up to 2kg.
Packaging fees may apply to cover cost of shipping materials.

Request Form
Name: [optional]
Item(s) wanted:
Estimated total cost including tax (
+5% for tax): [Only if known]
Ship-to Zipcode/Country Code:
Shipping preference: [optional]
Payment Type:

Feedback Link:
*Japan and Hawaii both have 5% tax

You can contact me through PM or email as well.

[info]eglfeedback is here and here.
reference page for feedback purposes here.

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