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DS: Victorian Maiden, Juliette et Justine, Black Peace Now, Miho Matsuda

Sales Rules (please read first):

- Please don't comment unless you intend to buy. Private message me or facebook message me to talk about unrelated things-- e.g. how much you like/don't like a certain item, humorous asides, why I'm selling a certain piece, etc (nothing personal; it just makes the post less confusing for everyone if there aren't extraneous comments XD).
- No holds and no waiting list. The first person to provide her paypal address and actually pay will get the item. I'm willing to do payment plans, though, so just ask!
- Absolutely no trades this time, so please don't ask!
- For clothing, all measurements are of the garments themselves, not the body measurements you need to fit them. Make sure to leave yourself room or the garment will not fit properly (your body measurements should be a bit *smaller* than the garment measurement to ensure it drapes properly).
- Click on the photos to see the larger versions in my flickr, but please don't use any of my photos without permission.
My feedback (100% positive)

Juliette et Justine Antique de la Poupee jsk and coat set (black, size 2)- $400 SOLD
USPS shipping to USA: $12
USPS FCMI shipping anywhere else: $25
Bought on y!j, but arrived with tags still attached and in perfect condition, so it may never have been worn. The value of this set is 70350 yen! It's getting difficult to find these pieces sold as a set anymore. Accessories shown in proof photo not included (just the JetJ set is for sale).
see the lolibrary pages for measurements and more information:
jsk information
coat information

Black Peace Now dress - $100 SOLD
USPS shipping to USA: $10
USPS FCMI shipping anywhere else: $20
Impulse buy, but I need to make room! the drawstrings on the front on the dress can be used to gather the skirt up and reveal an underskirt (or legs haha). Slightly belled sleeves, lace neckline inset, and overall gothic excellence. In perfect condition with no flaws. Fabric has a slight sheen to it in person, but not as shiny as it appears in my photographs!
Black Peace Now dress - $100
laid flat view
bodice closeup
length: 51 inches (front length partially adjustable with the drawstrings)
bust: 34 inches (measured flat and doubled)
waist: 29 inches (measured flat and doubled)

Miho Matsuda evil boots (black, Japanese size 23) - $80 SOLD
USPS shipping to USA: $20
USPS FCMI shipping anywhere else: $60 (heavy)
These sinister wooden-soled boots are super rare and I'm heartbroken that they don't fit me because I really love them </3>Miho Matsuda evil boots (black, Japanese size 28.5) - $80</a>
stock photo 2
stock photo 3
original y!j link
proof photo 1
proof photo 2
proof photo 3
proof photo 4

Victorian Maiden Lace Long Room Wear OP (2012, white) - $130 SOLD
USPS shipping to USA: $12
USPS FCMI shipping anywhere else: $25
It breaks my heart to sell this because I never got to wear it, but I have to make room for things I would wear more often. This fresh white dress is ideal for layering or just wearing on its own! Very versatile. Will fit a variety of bust and waist measurements due to the draw-string empire waist, but I would recommend it for busts 36 inches or smaller if you want it to retain the shape seen in the stock photos. In excellent condition with no flaws! Looks and feels new.
Victorian Maiden Lace Long Room Wear OP (2012, white) - $130
see the lolibrary page for measurements and more information
Tags: !ds, black peace now, color:black, color:white, item:onepiece, item:shoes, juliette et justine, miho matsuda, victorian maiden
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