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!DS Lots of Reductions + New stuff: Wigs, Donut Bag, AP, HMHM Blouse, Headpieces, Corset

♥ Terms of Sale ♥
US buyers preferred.
Priority goes to first buyer to PM me their Paypal address.
I'm iffy on holds because I've had people backing out before.
Feedback Link:
Everything available until said otherwise in post!

$100 shipped and tracked each. Now $80 shipped & tracked (to the US). Hime wigs! Bought from Jenny's Cancer wigs (Jennyshairsense). They are human hair blended wigs. Human hair blends look just like real hair. Very little shine and they're light-weight (think of when it's windy out - what real hair does). All the same wig, just different colors. History: I bought these for my aunt who later passed away from sarcoma.
Condition: Brand new. My aunt passed before her birthday (which is when I was giving them to her).

PhotobucketPhotobucket Photobucket

$10 for both + Shipping & Tracking to the US. Now $8 + shipping & tracking ($12 total to the US). 100% Japanese Kanekalon twintail hair extensions. Black & white/gray blended.
Condition: 4/5. I've worn them before.

Generic shooting star and donut shoulder bags:
Pink donut bag (Shooting star and choco donut sold):
$50 + shipping & tracking. Now $40 + shipping & tracking ($47 shipped to USA)
Condition: Brand new
 photo IMG5_zps090529af.jpg photo IMG6_zpscc65782f.jpg photo IMG7_zps368083e9.jpg

$250 + Shipping & Tracking to the US. Now $200 + shipping & tracking ($213 shipped to the US) Angelic Pretty polka dot dress + headbow. I bought this dress directly from AP a few years ago and NEVER wore it because I was too big for it. It fits me now, but I feel too tall and old.
Condition - 5/5 - noticed two light gray stays and the very light tinting on some of the lace. Very hard to notice and unnoticeable in photos.
The center bow is detachable and the sleeves are shirred with elastic to make them poofy. The chest is also shirred (as you can see from front photo). The back has a zipper down the center.
MAX Measurements: Bust - 35'', waist - 30''
I am the second owner of the headbow. The first owner told me it was in mint condition. It wasn't. You can see the visible wear from the fabric on the headbow (I guess it doesn't matter much though, because you can't see it when you're wearing it). Also, I have NO idea what this is -- I never wore this headbow or even tried on. There are orange dots all along the inside of the band part. They're probably marker. Inside the bow and the part that covers the headband part have wire inside them, so you can adjust the shape and whatnot. The lace on the headbow matches the dress lace. The outside of the headbow, the part people can see, is in perfect condition. EDIT: Someone told me last post that because AP's headbows are metal, it may be rust from old age!
Headbow pictures:

Pink headbow. Never wore - $5 shipped and tracked to the USA. Now $4 shipped and tracked (to the US)
Condition - Brand new
image host image host image host

New Stuff:
HMHM Wine Blouse $65 + shipping & tracking ($71 shipped to the US)
Condition - Worn once, 5/5 - has light whitish deodorant marks on both armpit areas. Not noticeable when worn as the marks on on the inside of the blouse. Has spare button on the tag.
MAX bust (when buttoned): 38'' MAX Waist (when buttoned): 33-34''.
Has eyelets in the back for corset lacing (which is included) to tighten.
Stock Photo:
 photo blousehmhm_zpsb49b303f.jpg
 photo hmtag_zpsa86aa58d.jpg photo hmr_zpsb5c28b0e.jpg photo hml_zps8ed8fabc.jpg
 photo hmg_zpsde4bd76c.jpg photo hmf_zpsbda225dd.jpg photo hm_zps58d02b2c.jpg

Gothic Corset - $20 + shipping & tracking ($25 shipped & tracked to US)
Condition - Bought new, never worn, but due to being too rough with it, one of the bonings' inside popped through.
MAX bust - 36'' but I'm not sure how comfortable it would be... MAX waist - 30-32'' (Sorry for the difference, it's hard to measure)
 photo imm_zpsd11957c0.jpg photo corset_zpsd2e56ae4.png
 photo corsback_zpsd5223b72.jpg photo cors_zps7b4ffcdb.jpg photo corsboning_zpsa4958b93.jpg

Handmade rose purse - $20 + shipping & tracking ($25 shipped to US)
Condition - I made it and never used it.
There is a button clasp inside to close the purse.
 photo rosefront_zps8fcf8942.jpg photo roseback_zps20094869.jpg

Handmade rose headdress & brooch (two way clip) - $15 + shipping & tracking ($20 shipped to US)
Condition - Handmade by me and never wore.
 photo roseheaddress_zps9e418021.jpg photo roseheaddress2_zps46b37888.jpg photo roseheaddress3_zpsa6904d2b.jpg photo roseheaddress4_zpsa2df260d.jpg

Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, handmade, hmhm, item:accessory, item:bag, item:blouse, item:hair accessory, item:onepiece, item:wigs, offbrand
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