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!SS: Shopping Service Open


I am making an official post for my shopping service on the community so that it can be linked in feedback comments for all future shopping services.

My fee is 10% of the item cost with the buyer being responsible for shipping costs.  I offer reservations for Baby, The Stars Shine Bright/AatP and Angelic Pretty at 15% of the item's cost because they require more planning and work.  I also offer shopping online (there may be additional fees).

A detailed description of my services can be found on my journal. Please contact me if there is anything I can clarify or answer. Please read through the rules before contacting me.

My feedback can be found here


My service is located on the outskirts of Tokyo

Before ordering, you should be familiar with all of the information in this entry.  By entering a service with me, you agree to these rules.

Basic Terms:

★10% item fee (15% for reservations, see below) (¥1000 minimum fee)
★Shipping (EMS)

*Note:  There may be additional fees related to web orders.

I do in store shopping / reservations and web orders from Japanese websites. I shop in Tokyo once a week. This may change to more frequently depending on the volume of customers. I can shop in Tokyo on demand or for rush orders, however there will be an additional fee. Other shops are available for on demand orders. All net shopping is on demand.

I charge in JPY through Paypal.

You can contact me by PM or Email if you have questions.  I prefer email, as PMs including links are sometimes marked by Livejournal as “suspicious”. 

My email: Bunny143 AT me DOT com. 

Please include the following Shopping Service Form when contacting me about an order:

Service Form:

-Feedback: (Please note if you do not have feedback.This will not exclude you from a service)
-Paypal Address:
-Any special shipping instructions:
-Shopping Info:  Links or photos of your desired items, size/color/quantity. Do you have a deadline?  Please include anything you think that is important to your service.


★Please only ask for stock checks with the intention to buy.
★ A price quote is not a guaranteed final price.
★I will request a deposit if I feel it is necessary.
★Please be as clear as possible. When you link to an item, you should be intent on buying.  Otherwise, make it very clear that you are only asking a question.
★Once an item is bought or requested it is your responsibility to buy it. There are no returns or cancellations with my service. No exceptions.

Please remember you agree to these rules by contacting me

The items I buy are denominated in yen, I charge in JPY through PayPal.


I offer EMS shipping. The cost of supplies, etc, is already factored into the price I charge.

★ EMS is automatically insured for up to 20,000 yen.  If you want coverage over that amount, please let me know. There will be an additional fee. Packages will only be insured up to the amount they are valued at if under 20,000 yen.  EMS takes about 5 days to most places. EMS Shipping fees can be found here: http://www.post.japanpost.jp/int/charge/list/ems_all_en.html

★ Please be VERY CLEAR in your addressing and marking instructions.  I mark packages in Yen.

★ I ship out within 2 days after payment not including weekends or Japanese national holidays. Please check before you request me to buy something if you need a rush shipment. Although I can likely accommodate, I want to make sure everyone’s expectations are met. At the top of this entry you can find updates on the `Service Status.`

Since I do not require payment before purchase, I do require prompt payments after you have been invoiced and your items purchased. I am willing to wait 48 hours for payment.  I will leave neutral or negative feedback at my discretion if I need to send a payment reminder.


I expect message responses within 24-48 hours.  I will answer messages within 24 hours.  If you have a question, please send me a message.  I may not realize you are waiting for a response.

The best way to reach me is via email: Bunny143 AT me DOT com.

Where I Can Shop:

If there are any shops you do not see  below but would like to order from, please let me know!

On sale items, the 10% service fee will be charged on the ORIGINAL PRICE of the item, not the sale price.  Please list back up colors and items if you are requesting sale items.

1) In Store shopping, 2) Online shopping

Examples of in Store Shopping: For brands with a physical location in to Tokyo (Weekly)

I will do a weekly run unless you request an on demand or rush order. Additional fees will apply based on transportation costs.

Examples of Places for weekly in Store Shopping:
La Foret’s Floor Guide:
Marui One floor guide:

Alice and the Pirates, Angelic Pretty, ATELIER PIERROT, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Emily Temple Cute, H. Naoto, SWIMMER, Liz Lisa, Tutu Anna,, KERA Shop (Algonquins, Atelier Boz, Innocent World, Hell Cat Punks, Metamorphose, Moi Meme Moitie, Juliet et Justine, Super Lovers, Sex Pot Revenge, Victorian Maiden etc.)

Examples of in Store Shopping: For brands with a physical location in to Tokyo (on demand)

I will do on demand or rush orders for these shops.

Floor Guide:

Floor guide:

ALGONQUINS, Alice and the Pirates, Baby the Stars Shine Bright, Liz Lisa, SWIMMER, tutuanna, etc...

Online Shopping:  For Japanese online stores

I do online shopping for pretty much any online store.  If for some reason I cannot, I will let you know when you contact me with links.  When an item is available locally I will give you the option as it may be less expensive for you. Sometimes it is better for me to shop online (due to stock/store location/etc).  The final choice is up to me.

There may be extra fees associated with net shopping depending on payment methods and shipping rates.  The extra fees could possibly include:

★ Domestic Shipping (Around 300-850 yen. Sometimes free with purchases over a certain amount)
★ Cash On Delivery (COD) fees (Around 500 yen)
★ Bank Transfer fees (Around 300-700 yen)
★ Other fees that differ by site

-Sale Items on Websites: On sale items, the 10% service fee will be charged on the ORIGINAL PRICE of the item, not the sale price.  Please list back up colors and items if you are requesting sale items.  Sometimes sale items are not included in promotions for free shipping.

Reservations and Special Releases:

General Info:

Please be aware that reservations are not 100% guaranteed. There is a possibility I won't get them. Before you contact me please be sure you are ABSOLUTELY POSITIVE you want the items you claim spaces for, and that you will have the cash for the items when they arrive.

Once an item has been confirmed with the store,  I CANNOT cancel the reservation/purchase.  Do not request items lightly.  Once you have asked me to reserve/purchase something, please do not change your order unless it is to add items.  Although it is possible to cancel a request BEFORE the reservation/release day, I may leave neutral or negative feedback or refuse to take your orders if you back out of requests.

You can claim an item for reservation/release day from the moment you are sure you want it. I take requests in the order that I get them.  Please do not request items without being totally committed to buying them.  Please request the item and color you want.  If you have back up colors/items, please let me know when you contact me.

Brand Specific Reservation Notes/Info:

-Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and Alice and the Pirates:

All BTSSB and AatP reservations are at a 15% reservation rate. This means any item reserved before it comes in store.  Other fees remain the same.  BTSSB and AatP reservations run until the item sells out or comes into stores

I can typically reserve more than one of the same item in the same color at Baby/AatP.  The first person to claim a reservation spot has priority, followed by the second, third, and so on.

-Angelic Pretty

The Angelic Pretty original print release / reservation fee is 15%. Angelic Pretty releases involve waiting in line and a bit of planning.

The 15% original print release fee applies to original print clothing items and their accessories (the matching socks, headdresses etc.) which are requested in advance.  I can typically buy only one item in each colorway on the release day.  Spots are first come first serve. Buying restrictions are lifted shortly after the release of an item. You are welcome to be `second in line` if you still want to try to get the item via my service.  Second in line shoppers pay the regular 10% shopping fee unless they require an on demand shop. If you are second in line, but I am able to get your items on release weekend, the 15% will apply.  If you are specifically opposed to this, please mention it and I will only request your items after they are openly available.

You can reserve spots for accessories without reserving main pieces. I can buy whatever you want on release day, as long as no one else is first in line for it.

Thank you for your patience in reading this! I hope to help many of you get your dream dress / skirt / accessory in the future!

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