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DS: Rare items, cheap items, classic, gothic, otome and sweet! Worldwide shipping included!

Welcome to my sales post!
I'm moving so I'm selling some of my lesser worn items.

Here are my sale terms and other info:

*I ship from Japan to any location.
*All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home.
*I only accept Paypal payments in USD. E-checks are ok but let me know first!
*All prices include Paypal fees.
*Feel free to make offers, but I reserve the right to wait 48 hours before I accept.
*Sales or offers by PM are fine.
*For larger items, EMS express shipping with tracking is included. Smaller items are shipped with small packet airmail (takes about 2 weeks with no tracking or insurance). Other shipping methods are available.
*I ship everything in a sturdy plastic bag unless otherwise indicated. I have never had a problem with using bags but if you would like a box instead, please let me know and it will be an additional charge.
*I will gladly give a discount for combined shipping.
*I'm not responsible for items once they leave my possession.
*My feedback is here (+43).

♫ Feel free to ask questions but priority will go to the person who leaves or PMs their Paypal address first and is ready to buy. I will let you know when I invoice you because of the invoice fraud problem some time ago, so don't pay anything until you hear from me :)

♫ Please let me know if you are no longer interested in the item so I can pass it to the next person! I'll wait 24 hours for a response before I move on.

♫ I am an amateur measurer and sometimes my measurements differ from those on lolibrary and hellolace, so use both as a reference.

♫ I might consider trades but I'm really picky. My preferred brands are Excentrique, MM, VM, JM, JetJ, and indie brands but I'm willing to look at any classic items as long as they will fit 90cm bust and 70cm waist.

My status: By my computer

I added Gizmo into the label shots for extra proof:



Tulle Rose OP - Blue, Size 3
Price: $400 (worldwide EMS shipping included!)
Status: SOLD

overlay fabric detailunder fabric detailbodice detailback viewlabelsize label
link to hellolace entry

Worn: Bought used, not worn by me
Condition: Very good

bust 97cm (this was hard to measure, could possibly go larger)
underbust 83cm
length 97cm including tulle ruffle

This gorgeous and rare MMM dress is just amazing in real life! It's a little too large in the bust for me so I will be passing it on. The tulle overlayer is super soft and creates a great ethereal effect with the blue rose print underneath. The waist ribbon is removal and in Mana's favorite shade of electric blue This dress is MMM size 3 and (despite hellolace's measurements) is quite roomy in the bust (waist is free) so I would not recommend being very much under the bust measurement listed above or it will be loose. The dress is fully lined and has a back zipper. The shoulders and puff sleeves are elasticized. I would consider it to be in very good condition.


St. Mephisto Cathedrale OP - Iris
Price: $170 (worldwide EMS shipping included!)
Status: SOLD

print detailbodice detailback viewlabellining and bottom rufflepillingdiscoloration
link to lolibrary entry

Worn: Bought used, not worn by me
Condition: Good

bust 92cm
waist 78cm
length 88cm

The St. Mephisto series is one of AatP's best and usually goes for very high prices but mine has a little bit of damage and is missing the yoke collar so I have discounted it significantly. The underarm areas have a bit of pilling and wear, and have slightly discolorated areas but these issues are not very noticeable when worn. I've attempted to photograph the problems I described but they don't show up on camera much. The fabric is a woven linen-like fabric typically used by BABY and AatP but it has a couple of snags produced by wear.

The dress was a bit too short for my liking so I'm letting it go. The bodice and length run a little short so I would recommend this dress to someone more petite than myself (<167cm). It closes with a back zipper and the skirt portion is lined, top is not. It comes with a removable grosgrain ribbon at the waist.


Sheep Garden Tiered JSK - Black
Price: $200 (worldwide EMS shipping included!)
Status: SOLD

fabric detaillining and tulle layerbodice detailback viewlabel
link to hellolace entry

Worn: Bought used, not worn by me
Condition: Good/Very good, see below for details

bust 76-108cm
waist 66-98cm (can be made smaller with waist ribbon)
length 92cm including lace

I bought this dress at Closet Child and they listed it as damaged on the tag, but I cannot find anything wrong with it except some wear on the underarm lace so I've adjusted the price lower than average. The cute little sheep are a great example of AP's super cute animal print illustrations. This tiered dress has tons of volume and a layer of tulle for poof. The back is shirred so it has no zipper but two pockets, removable neck ties and waist tie and the shoulder straps are attached with buttons so you can make it a halter top or make the straps adjustable to suit your height. It is fully lined.


Reve du Paradis JSK - Orange
Price: $300 (worldwide EMS shipping included!)
Status: SOLD

fabric detailbodice detailliningback viewlabelworn
link to lolibrary entry

Worn: Bought used, worn twice by me
Condition: Very good

bust 85cm (maybe could go a little higher by loosening the lacing)
waist 70cm
total length 116cm

I really am reluctant to sell this extremely rare and gorgeous old JetJ dress but it's just too tight on me. It's very unique with suede corset lacing and a deep v-cut to show off the blouse underneath. Note the color portrayed on the photo above is not quite accurate - it's more of a dark beige color than the light cream shown (see lolibrary link for a stock photo). It is in great condition for a 10 year old item, the only flaws are a little bit of wrinkling at the waist that happened when worn. It closes with a back zipper and is fully lined.


Anchor Embroidery JSK (not official name) - Blue
Price: $60 (worldwide EMS shipping included!)
Status: SOLD

bodice detailliningback viewembroidery detaillabel

Worn: Bought used, not worn by me
Condition: Good

bust 94cm
waist 85cm (can be made smaller with waist ties)
total length 89cm including lace

This dress is so old school I can't find it online! It's a really classic Meta design doing their signature sailor style in a sax blue color. The embroidery is still very crisp and has a cute anchor design with "metamorphose" written beneath it. Despite it being an older Meta item, the size is pretty roomy and the length is not super short - just above the knee on me. It closes with a back zipper and is fully lined. I'm selling it cheaply because it's a bit plain and the condition is not perfect (some faded marks, wrinkles, and feeling of wear).


Ballerina Shopping Girl - Black
Price: $200 (worldwide EMS shipping included!)

fabric detailbodice detailback viewlabelhem and liningworn

Worn: I am the original owner, worn 4-5 times
Condition: Very good

bust 92cm (kind of hard to measure, it fits my 90cm bust fine)
total length 89cm, but slightly adjustable because of shoulder elastic

This ETC dress is really cute and versatile but I own another similar dress so I'm selling it. The print features ballerinas, bows, a standing poodle couple pushing a flower cart, shopping girls, flower baskets, hats, flowers and more in pastel shades. The cut is more otome than lolita, with an empire waist and A-line skirt. The fabric is a lightweight and soft matte satin, so best suited to warm temperatures. It closes with a back zipper, is fully lined and has elastic on the neckline and sleeves. There are no flaws with the dress but it isn't new so I would describe it as very good condition.


Strawberry JSK - Cream, Size 160
Price: $60 (worldwide EMS shipping included!)
Status: SOLD

hem detailinside (unlined) bodice detail back viewpocketlabel

Worn: Bought used, not worn by me
Condition: Good

bust 83cm
waist 72cm
length 93 including lace

This is a really cute summer dress but just too small for me. The background color is a light cream shade with rows of strawberries and flower blossoms. It doesn't have a lining and is a rather simple dress so I've adjusted the price. I don't see any flaws with it besides a slight feeling of wear. It closes with a back zipper, has waist ties and has one pocket. Since Shirley Temple is a brand aimed at girls, there's not much room in the bust so please note the small bust measurement.


Fall 2012 Edition Tights - Pegasus Cross (on left)
Price: $60 each (including airmail shipping)
Status: #1 SOLD, #2 SOLD
(can possibly get more)

back of packagedetails

Worn: never, new in package
Condition: New/Excellent

These are two pairs of the newest Grimoire tights designs! I have not tried them on myself so I can't say much about the sizing besides they are a Japanese M-L.
If there is a request, I can get other styles. For more pics of all six designs, please see the Grimoire blog.

Airmail shipping is included in the price, there will be an additional fee if you prefer EMS.

Thank you for looking! ♫

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