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DS: Victorian maiden/Beth jsk & BtssB cardigan!


I ship from Spain
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Hello everybody!!
I need this pieces gone, as I don't wear them anymore and need the money =)

Baby, the Stars Shine Bright off-white cardigan

Brand proof

The size suits an european S/M. If you need the number measurements, please ask! (keep in mind would be an approximation, I'm not a professional! ^^u)
It has some very little stains, I've tried to remove but I couldn't -.-" nevermind, they are unnoticeable when wearing:

I sell it for 40 33 euros OBO

Beth / Victorian Maiden black and off-white jsk

Brand proof

I really love the design of this dress, but unfortunately it didn't suit me as good as I want u.u
It's a highwaist jsk, and has detachable waist ties. No shirring.
The approx. measurements are:
87-90~ cm chest
75-80~ cm waist
89 cm lenght (including lace)

My price is 120 110 euros OBO.

♥ If you buy the two items together, the price of both would be 145 130 euros OBO (everything included aswell!)

Thanks for looking! : )
Tags: !ds, *petite, baby the stars shine bright, beth, color:black, color:white, item:cardigan, item:jumperskirt
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