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AFC : Haenuli original print ; Royal Kitten

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- About Reservation -
Royal Kitten

Item Type : Skirt, JSK, One piece

Size : Size 1 /  Size 2, No Custom size.

Colorway : Black, Royal Blue, Green, Wine, Purple and Pink

  • Reservation Period: March 22th - April 1st

  • Payment Period: March 22th - April 7th

  • Payment Method: PayPal only (USD Only)

  • Shipping: April 25th - May 10th

  • Shipping  from Korea

- Payment -
      We highly recommend pay at once, but if it's absolutely necessary we offer payment divided 2 times, payment should be all clear April 7th

- Shipping -
   Register air mail : 22usd, tracking number included, takes 7-10 business days, no insurance
   EMS : 35usd, Tracking number included, takes 3-7 business days, insurance
  (this is basic shipping fee, If you order 2 or more dresses from us, we will calculate combine shipping fee)
  * Shipping days are different up to your country post office. Some country We can't ship via  EMS because they did not join EMS service, in that case we will inform you with invoice mail.

- Materials -

Fabric Material: Korean fabric with "heat sublimation print" (moderately thick), chemical lace, silk ribbon

Garment Care: First cleaning should be dry clean. After, cold wash on gentle cycle and line dry. Do not machine dry. Iron on low heat.
We will print the fabrics the day after the reservation closes.*
*depending on the factory (material) schedule, there may be delays on the shipping date. I will e-mail the group should there be any changes to the timeline.

- Skirt -
Left : purple Right : Wine

left : green, Right : royal blue

* We don't have black and pink colorway samples yet. Please check out black colorway OP and the last picture of the post.

All 3 sizes are same length 23.8inch, We are currently discussing with sewing studios for custom length.

Size 1 :   Waist 65-73cm

Size 2 : Waist 71-79cm
Size 3 : Waist 77-84cm

Price : Size 1, 2 $135 / Size 3 $150

- JSK -


* 3rd picture(second low on the left) shows most accurate color of royal blue
Features: Adjustable shoulder straps, Side zipper, Partial shirring, Corset lacing, detachable bows

Color :Black / Blue/ Violet/ Green/ Wine/ Pink

Size 1
Bust : 87 ~ 98cm (34.2in ~ 38.6in)

Waist: 63 ~ 80cm (23.8in ~ 31.4in)
Shoulder strap: 34 ~ 39cm(13.3in~15.3in) (Button whole)
Bodice Length: 32cm(12.5in) - without shoulder straps
Skirt length: 63cm (23.8in) - include lace

Size 2
Bust : 96cm ~ 110cm (37.8in ~ 43.3in)
Waist : 74cm ~ 90cm (29.1in ~ 35.4in)
Shoulder Strap : 34~39cm (13.3in~15.3in) (Button whole)
Bodice Length : 34cm (13.3in) - without shoulder straps
Skirt length: 63cm (23.8in) - include lace

* If you're close to max size of size 1, please choose size 2, you can always tie up back lacing to make it smaller.

Price : $210

- One Piece -




Features: Side zipper, Partial shirring, Corset lacing, Angel  sleeves
Color :Black / Blue/ Violet/ Green/ Wine/ Pink

Size 1

Bust 88~98 (34.6in~38.6in)
Waist: 63 ~ 80cm (23.8in ~ 31.4in)
Drop Waist: 74cm ~ 90cm (29.1in ~ 35.4in)
Sleeve length : 22cm (8.6in)
Bodice length : 46cm (18.1in)
Skirt length: 63cm (23.8in) - include lace

Size 2

Bust : 96~108cm (37.8in~42.5in)
Waist : 74cm ~ 90cm (29.1in ~ 35.4in)
Drop Waist: 74cm ~ 90cm (29.1in ~ 35.4in)
Sleeve length : 22cm (8.6in)
Bodice Length : 49cm (19.2in)
Skirt length: 63cm (23.8in) - include lace

* If you're close to max size of size 1, please choose size 2, you can always tie up back lacing to make it smaller.

Price : $245

* Pink colorway , this design is not for reservation.


-  Royal kitten Bonnet -



Featured : half bonnet/ non wire, shirring cap
Color : Violet, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, Wine

Price : $55



- Wire classical half bonnet (Halenuli's hand picked selection)
Free size , wired, corsage,

55usd (Only black , white color)

- Headbow -

- Headbow -
Color : Violet, Green, Blue, Black, Pink, Wine

* headbows will be match color with your main dress, please specify headbow colors when you order.
Price : $45

- Craftsmanship, Return & Exchange -

Due to the method of printing, minor misprints can take place. Such misprints cannot be a ground for return & exchange, however I will look at your claims case-by-case and if deemed severe enough, I will replace your garment
I will return your payment or change order details (such as color and size) if requested within 7 days of payment. I may be willing to change the details to your order past these 7 days, but it may incur an additional fee
Garments cannot be exchanged if they have been worn or damages (including but not limited to make up stains, perfume/cigarette scent, rips) have taken place.
Please note that color of fabric may vary based on monitor display setting and lighting.
I hold myself to highest possible standards in terms of craftsmanship, but please be aware that all items is made by an individual seamstress. While I will try my utmost best to create a flawless garment, it can be hard to beat factory made items and may have minor flaws (including but not limited to, +/- ½ inch measurements, occasional loose threads and uneven stitching) that can be missed as the garments are handmade. These small inconsistencies may occur but will not affect the look or feel of the garment in any way. This is a risk involved in working with long distance commissioning and you must be aware of this before ordering
And finally
Claims  through ignoring the above stated rules and disclaimers cannot be the grounds for exchange or return. I will definitely give my best however, to make this transaction as smooth, efficient and pleasant as possible. Thank you very much for ordering with Haenuli.

- Order form -

If you would like to order, please complete the form and send an email to haenulishop@gmail.com

  • Your Full Name(for post office):

  • Type : skirt/jsk/op

  • Size :

  • Color:

  • E-mail:

  • Paypal Account:

  • Phone Number (required for shipping):

  • Shipping address:

  • Shipping method : EMS/Register Please choose between those 2 options. If your're not sure please go back to top of the page and read "shipping"

  • Additional comments:

*Replys for your order will be done in 2 business days. If you don't hear from us back immediately it does not mean your orders are missing. We will back to you no later than in 2 business days.

1. Do you ship to ________?
Yes, we do ship worldwide. For shipping fee please go back to top of the posting and read "shipping"

2. How long does it take to get a dress?
Please go back to top of the posting, we write down payment period and shipping schedule. If anything happens we will contact you through email.

3. Do you accept payment plan?
Yes, we do accept payment plan. For details please go back to top of the page and read "payment"

4. Do you do custom sizing ?
No, We don't accept any custom sizing. We offer 2 different sizes and they cover wide range of sizes with back shirring.

5. Do you do group orders?(I'd like to order several dresses with my friend)
Yes we do combine shipping.  Here's our combine shipping rule when you order it with your friend.
 a. Only one people who are in charge of group order can contact Haenuli. We do not response individual inquiry from group order members.
 b.  No payment plan
 c.  All payment should be cleared at once through only one person.
 d. We only ship to one address.

4. Do you hold items? (I ordered Royal kitten but I will order new series later and get them together)
Yes we do hold items up to 2-3 series. Even though your orders are in hold before shipping, payment should be followed regular payment plan.

5. May I see all colorways in all models?(where's pink version of skirt, JSK and OP etc?)
We are now short in hand, We are sorry but we can't provide all colorways in every design.
Thank you for understanding

6. When Wolf in Frame series will be on reservations?
Wolf in frame seires are made in US, completely separate from Haenuli. The Snow Field and Haenuli only collaborate design but manufacturing are all different. Wolf in frame will be on reservation next week.

7. Royal kitten skirts price are different than last time. Why is that?
Due to quantity of orders and to keep shipping schedule, we had to find more sewing studios, get higher quote to keep our quality of dresses. Pre sale skirts were made before we find new sewing studios and new quote for manufacturing prices.

If you have any other questions, please email us haenulishop@gmail.com
We don't answer/response to Private message via livejournal or facebook comment/messaging

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