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♬ !SS for Japan: in-store, wishlist and online shopping! ♬

★ My name is Karmen and I'm from Singapore.

I'm running a shopping service in Osaka, Japan
The shopping service is now closed. I'm back in Singapore, but if there's anything you'd like from online or physical stores in Singapore, feel free to drop me a message :)

My service is quick:
★ I am willing to head down to the shops on any day and can ship out your items on any weekday. (Please refer to shipping status for more info!)

eglfeedback +163, no neutrals or negatives


  1. I will revert to your request within 15 hours usually, but please allow up to 48 hours if I am ill. My most regular online hours at the moment are 9pm-2am JST.

  2. Unless we are close, I will only ship by EMS as it is the only option with tracking from post offices here. I need to protect myself as a seller, and as a buyer, your parcel will be more safe via this method as well. However, if I have accepted a personal payment from you, you may opt to choose regular airmail or SAL at your own risk. I may ship out non-tracked items on an invoiced item (non-personal payment) via regular airmail or SAL if you have very good feedback, again, at your own risk.

  3. My dorm has a very strict limit on uploads, so I will be uploading proof photographs with a phone camera and a paper denoting my username, the date and time, unless I can figure out how to resize better photos within the limits.

  4. I am glad to answer any questions you might have even if you are not sure about the purchase yet. Please don't hesitate to ask me anything, but be clear that you are not making a purchase right now.

  5. Absolutely NO CANCELLATIONS once I have sent in your order.


etsplanations [at] gmail [dot] com

I may not necessarily receive your private messages via Livejournal as I rely on notifications to check back here, so please email me at that address to be sure that your order goes through. I check it whenever I'm online :) You can just copy and paste it and replace the brackets, in case the first part is hard to write down accurately. My comment notifications are working fine, so if you would like to direct my attention to any PMs and/or emails, please leave a comment. Thank you!


I can ship items out on any weekday as I have no items with me at the moment, but may eventually schedule shipping for certain days (e.g. Mon, Wed, Fri) if the volume of parcels is high.

Current status: The next shipping date is Fri 22 Mar, final shipping date is Mon 25 Mar.


i) I will send an initial invoice for the item (+ transport fees) + SS fees, with bank/PP fees costed in where applicable. After this is received, I will purchase the item(s).

ii) I will then get them weighed at the post office and will send you a second invoice for shipping. Once this is paid, I will ship out your item :)


Service fees: 10%
Transportation: 400 yen per trip (can visit multiple stores)

Fees related to money transfers:
Bank fees (5%)
PP fees (4%), gift payments may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Local bank transfer accepted for SG buyers.


I will go down to the store to purchase/pick up your item(s) within a two-day timeframe. In the event that the store's opening hours for the days are over, and if they accept email reservations, I will send them a reservation within 24 hours of receiving an email. Please note that many shops are closed on Wednesdays and/or Thursdays, and I may have plans for the weekend that do not involve the lolita shopping area.

To order, please email me at etsplanations [at] gmail [dot] com with this info:

[Form (click to open)]
Your name:

Your EGL feedback link (if you have one):

Item URL:

Any other info:

Payment mode:
I will total your bill in Japanese yen (JPY) and bill you in Singapore dollars (SGD) at PayPal's rate.

[I am able to purchase or reserve items in-store from the following brands.]
ahcahcum muchacha
Alice and the Pirates
Alice Auaa
Angelic Pretty
Atelier Boz
Doris (Select Shop Dolly)
Dangerous Nude
Emily Temple Cute
Fairy Wish
Hangry & Angry
Heart E
Jane Marple
Juliette et Justine
Mary Magdalene
Miho Matsuda
Mint Neko
Sex Pot Revenge
Shirley Temple
Triple Fortune
Victorian Maiden

If the item you would like is from a brand that is not on this list, please contact me anyway and I will find out if their store has a physical presence near the area where I live, or if I can otherwise obtain that item for you :)

Near (physical second-hand store I can purchase from): Shop blog


Service fees: 10%
Transportation: Free - I will check on your items whenever I am in the area, at least twice weekly

Fees related to money transfers:
Bank fees (5%)
PP fees (4%), gift payments may be accepted on a case-by-case basis. Local bank transfer accepted for SG buyers.

Payment mode:
I will total your bill in Japanese yen (JPY) and bill you in either JPY or Singapore dollars (SGD) at PayPal's rate, depending on where the item was obtained from.

Description: Please link me to a web page containing photographs of the items you would like me to purchase, along with the sizes and colours where applicable.

There are two modes for this service: DORMANT and ACTIVE.

Please do not send me any money upfront. If I see an item in-store that is on your wishlist, I will message you about it when I get home and will not purchase it until you have verified that you want it and have sent payment in full. I will also accept requests that describe a somewhat defined category, such as "any JSK with cats on it", "floral skirts under 10,000 yen" and "dresses by MM with shirring". I will not accept requests that require me to be familiar with the contents of your wardrobe to fulfil (e.g. "any print by AP that I don't already have"), or requests that are too vague (e.g. "I want to see anything by Moitie").

Is there an item that you really want to buy in the event that it pops up for sale any second? Are you willing to set aside the funds for this beforehand, at the minimum value of the item's initial cost price? I am willing to take on this service for up to two (2) items per buyer for up to five (5) buyers. Payment for the maximum price you are willing to pay on the item must be made upfront and I can refund this amount any time I am at home or otherwise on a secure internet connection (night/weekdays, random timing/weekends). In the event that your deposit is neither withdrawn nor spent when I am back in Singapore, you will be refunded in full on my arrival date (I will message you this information in private).

Link to the latest items I have found in the second hand stores: click on the blue text in my journal


Are you able to purchase an item on your own, but want me to repackage it in some way, remove the tags or compile a number of items before mailing them to you? Sure, I can do that :)

Fees on receiving each individual parcel:
7 SGD or 500 yen for small packets (i.e. parcels up to 2kg in weight)

PayPal fees: 4%, gift payments may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.

I can hold on to your parcels for up to three weeks before repackaging and sending them out; we can arrange the timing and details over email. Communication is very important as I will be moving out in three months' time and will not have baggage space to bring your items over to Singapore with me. Hence, I will only accept requests for this service from users with at least 40 positive feedback on eglfeedback. I will consider users with neutral/negatives according to the feedback description.


I can purchase items from Japanese websites on a case-by-case basis.
Please copy and paste this form into an email to etsplanations [at] gmail [dot] com

[Form (click to open)]
Your name:

Your EGL feedback link:

Item URL:

Any other info:

Service fees: 5% or 500 yen, whichever is greater on your total order from a single shop (not charged per item).

Internal shipping: Website shipping costs and/or rules and promotions apply :)

***** SPECIAL ***** *****
No service fees on any items you would like to buy from Juliette et Justine's shop via my shopping service; also no internal shipping costs if you order a dress from Juliette et Justine's shop.

PayPal fees: 4%, gift payments may be accepted on a case-by-case basis.
Cash on delivery fees/credit card fees may apply. Be assured that I will opt for the cheapest method possible :)

Free combined shipping and forwarding of your parcels if you ordered at least half through this service.

[Examples of combined shipping bonuses]

Example 1:

Total: 2 parcels, one purchased by yourself, another purchased through me.
I can combine the parcels and ship them out to you for free.

Example 2:
Total: 3 parcels, two purchased by yourself, another purchased through me.
The first two parcels are free, but the third will be charged at the rates in Parcel Forwarding.


I'm very sorry, but I am unable to help with auctions and Closet Child in-store services at the moment.

Thank you very much for reading through this!
I hope I can help you with your orders while I am in Osaka.

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