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!wtb: BTSSB Dessert OP

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can pay with Paypal. My location is 35080, USA for shipping calculations.

Hello! I'm looking to finally purchase my dream dress, Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's Dessert One Piece. 
I'm preferably looking for blue my second choice is lavender), and I like the flat lace release version best (as pictured on right below).
I'm hoping to get this dress for $100-$150 because I have seen it go for this price many times.
Please let me know if this is an unreasonable price for you; I'd like to see offers even if they're over my projected price.
Please offer any release version you have at whatever your price may be. Minor imperfections are okay, too!

BTSSB Dessert OP LavBTSSB Dessert OP Lav 2
BTSSB Dessert OP SaxBTSSB Dessert OP Sax 2
Tags: !wtb, baby the stars shine bright, item:onepiece

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