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DS: Sold

SOLD 12/27/2012

Hi! (^o^)/

So, this is kind of an urgent sale. I had to change the date of my flight back home next month for personal reasons. As these things go it was an unexpected cost, so I'm afraid I have to sacrifice a little to be on the safe side

EGL Feedback
Positive: 72

Neutral: 0
Negative: 0 

+ Paypal only please. I tend to sell to the first person who provides their PP address, via comment or PM.

+ I will ship internationally. ^^

+ Located in the USA (Washington ATM). I usually ship via USPS Priority mail (tracking and insurance can be added upon request).

+ I'll always try to leave feedback if you do the same! (Though I get busy, just remind me~!)

Angelic Pretty "Chess Chocolate" Bustier style Jsk in Mint, also in "mint" condition /kneeslap

Proof of ownership?

Condition/History?:The dress is in excellent, like-new condition. I've only worn it twice, briefly. I do not have any matching accessories to it though. 

I bought it second-hand in Japan new with tags.

Price? My asking price is $350 USD plus shipping, and additional insurance if you'd like that.

Additional views/worn/measurements?:  Additional stock photos and measurements available a Hello Lace.

Payment plans?: I'd rather not take payment plans, unless you can do 50% immediately and the next 50% within one week.

Trades?:   The ONLY trade I would consider at this time, is a partial trade, if you have BTSSB "My Little Red Riding Hood" headbow in red, the cape, or jewelry, or any combination of not exceeding $150. 

Thanks so much for taking a look and I really look forward to helping you, and seeing this go to a new home.
Tags: !ds, angelic pretty, item:jumperskirt

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