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DS/DT/WTB: Another closet clear out/try your luck selling me things!

Prices in USD
Shipping is NOT included in the price, it is usually around $13-$20 via airmail (2 weeks, untracked) to anywhere further away than Australia, plus $15 extra for tracking (EMS).
I work full time and can usually only get to the post office once a week, sometimes only on a Saturday. If you need your item faster for any reason, I can try to get there sooner, but please bear this in mind.

Can invoice in equivalent major currencies (GBP, Euro, AUD, yen)
Paypal or NZ bank deposit only.
Possible discounts if you live in Australia or NZ
I own a cat.
First to leave paypal (please comment on this entry and then PM) gets the item OR if you are located in NZ and want to pay via bank deposit, first to indicate this.
Positive Feedback (+31)

1. Metamorphose Trump Applique JSK in black x white polkadots $100

Bust: best fit 81-85cm, flat measurement is 42-43cm. If you are near the max I can double check.
(High) Waist: 60-70cm (adjustable with belt
Length:88cm - slightly above the knee, the skirt part is 55cm.
Released back in 2004 as far as I am aware, original retail price of 20790 yen.


SOLD 2 Metamorphose Trump Applique Skirt in black x white polkadots $45
Waist 63-68cm
Length 50cm


3. Random assorted cream items Jesus Diamante Cutsew (top) and Baby velvet headdress $35
The velvet Baby cutsew in the proof pic is NOT included.

Recommended fit approx 80-90 bust and 65-80 waist although could stretch to 100cm bust - I would worry that the arms would be too tight or the top would be too short at those measurements. The headdress is cream velvet and one of those big old-school headdresses with ribbons, the bows on the end are white.

SOLD4. Handmade black and white velveteen old-school skirt + Baby the Stars Shine Bright black and white headbow $50
Unlined skirt, edges finished with zig-zag stitch, half-elastic waistband stretching 70-90cm

SOLD 5. Infanta blouse size S $30
The same as the pictured stock blouse,but in pure white. It's more of a Chinese XS than S, despite being labelled size S (155/80A)
Measure 33cm shoulder-shoulder, 80cm bust, 68cm waist, and has corset lacing (no shirring) at the waist to make it smaller.
Recommend someone with a small frame and 78cm bust or less, 64cm waist or less.

SOL 6. Moitie Front Crossed Chiffon Sundress
DT for another dress in the same colour that will fit 80-81cm bust, 65cm waist
OR $200
Bust 78-100cm, (high) waist 66cm (unstretched, can be made smaller with waist ties) - 90cm

I love the colour and material of this dress, but my lack of boobs means my torso looks like a box when I wear it.

Must fit 80-81cm bust, 65cm waist unless specific print specified. Budget for these purchases is coming from sales of these items and I'm normally pretty cheap and like to haggle, so keep this in mind when offering items.
Plain Moitie blue dress (doesn't have to be Moitie)
Metamorphose Melody Cat high waist JSK in black
Metamorphose Berry Stripe shirring sundress OR skirt in black
Lilac/lavender main items (skirt or dress, no white trim please)
Purple anything
Bordeaux/wine/maroon items (short sleeved blouse or cutsew especially)
Dark green items (no white trim)
Navy items (especially a dress)

You can feel absolutely free to try your luck with other items, but to give you an indication of what not to bother with, I will not consider florals, large/obvious cross motifs, gingham, any other animal prints apart from cats, sweets/food prints, pastels apart from lilac, polkadots, plaids, or anything with the words "gothic vampire etc. etc." on it.
Tags: !ds, !dt, !wtb, *petite, *plus size, baby the stars shine bright, color:black, color:blue, color:white, handmade, infanta, item:blouse, item:cutsew, item:hair accessory, item:jumperskirt, item:skirt, moi-meme-moitie

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