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!ds/dt: Moitie, AP and AatP

Prices in USD.
I only accept paypal.
Flaws are noted in the descripion
All items are OBO.
Prices do not include PP fees.
I take payment plans and holds with 20% non-refundable deposit. I DO NOT do holds without a deposit.
I'd prefer short term payment plans, but don't hesitate to ask!
Keep in mind of the time zone I live in, it might take me a few hours to get back to you.
If you PM me please comment below to let me know, sometimes LJ doesn't notify me of pms D:

I prefer to sell but I will consider trades/partial trades.

Sales get priority over trades. Immediate payments get priority over payment plans (unless the deposit is paid). Full price gets priority over offers.

MMM Silent Moon Short OP $360 Shipped ems
Status: Invoiced
91.5cm length, 82-100cm bust, 19cm sleeve length

Close up of print

I would like to ideally trade for the long OP in any of the black colorways, or white with black print.

Aatp Black Cat, Witch, and Apple Tree set $220 shipped ems obo
Status: Sold

Headbow, JSK and socks. I will only split the set if there are buyers for all items.

Close up of print, it has metallic gold, and blue glitter details.

One of the waist tie buttons is missing, the other is loose. The cloth around the missing button is in tact. Nothing a quick needle and thread won't fix. It has no other flaws. The waist ties are included.

AP Star Purse $70 Shipped EMS obo
Status: Sold!

AP Trump Purse $70 Shipped EMS obo
Status: On payment plan

AP Dream Sky Unicorn Necklace Black $40 Shipped EMS obo
Status: Available

It's really pretty it has star confetti and multi-colored glitter in the plastic and rhinestones at the star points of the constellation.


Tags: !ds, !dt, alice and the pirates, angelic pretty, moi-meme-moitie

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