August 17th, 2012

love music

DS/DT/EA: Sweet Rococo, VM, ITS, F+F, Meta, BL, BPN, Surface Spell, Q-pot, Offbrand, GLB + fabric

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New line on the feedback form

Hi everyone!!

Here is a small post just to mention we added a new line on the feedback forms. With the scams due to paypal addresses left publicly on sales post, some people now just prefer to make their transactions over PM. However, when we add feedback, we always check if we see the username of the buyer on the post, just to make sure. Sometimes we don't see the username and we have to ask if the transaction was made by PM. So we decided to add the "Did the transaction happen via PM? Yes/No" line. It will make it easier for us when adding feedback, and easier for you because you won't have to reply every time you forget to mention it in the comments part :) you can find the new updated forms on the eglfeedback community main page!

Thanks for taking the time to read this post! :)