August 16th, 2012

Scammer Alert: jelly_candies/Announcement About Giftcards

Hi, everyone, just a few more brief announcements today.

First up, the user jelly_candies has been banned after it was revealed that she is a sockpuppet account for the banned scammer megamikawaii (also known as sylphid_dreamer). If you have a transaction pending with any of these users, please contact one of the mods immediately for assistance.

Going forward, if you notice any shady behavior on the community and have a reasonable suspicion that it's related to banned users and scammers, please don't hesitate to contact a moderator with whatever information you have as soon as possible. We typically have the means to look into these kinds of cases a little more thoroughly than the average member, and we're always happy to investigate :) If you're nervous about reporting this kind of activity under your own name, please don't hesitate to report it anonymously here!

Secondly, please be aware that the sale of gift certificates of any kind is absolutely not allowed on this community. The potential for scamming from both buyers and sellers is far, far too great. A seller could easily use up a giftcard before sending it along to the buyer. A buyer could easily file a PP dispute for an empty or invalid giftcard and win. With that much at stake, it seems most prudent to prohibit the sale of giftcards altogether. If you have a giftcard for a lolita-specific outlet that you'd like to unload, you may want to consider offering a shopping service for the store in question. That way, the buyer gets to pick the items they want, and the seller isn't on the line for goods not received or sent.

And that's all for today! As always, thanks for using egl and egl_comm_sales.