August 13th, 2012

"Scalping" and "Overpricing" on the Sales Community

Hi, everyone, just one quick reminder today.

The EGL Sales Community is based on informal transactions between members. That means it's almost always acceptable to politely negotiate for a lower price on an item.

With that said, it's absolutely not appropriate to accuse a member of being a scalper or a ripoff artist, or of overpricing their items. It's not your job to judge someone for charging a price you don't like or can't afford. Members don't have some kind of moral obligation to charge a certain price for their items. There aren't any "rules" for pricing that members are required to follow. People can sell items at literally whatever price they want. So do not attempt to bully or pressure people into charging a certain price for their items. We will no longer be tolerating this. We will issue and record an informal warning for first-time violations. Further violations will result in an official warning. This kind of behavior is considered bullying and harrassment and is not allowed.

Don't like a price on an item? That's totally okay. But there's an acceptable way to make an offer: You politely comment to the seller and say, "I'm interested in x item. Would you be willing to sell it for y price?" If there's a particularly large difference between the seller's asking price and your offer, it's acceptable to comment with previous auctions or sales where the item sold for your asking price, but again, do it politely- something like "I feel my offer is fair because I've seen the item going for y price here, here and here," is more than sufficient. There's no need to call the seller out on "scalping" or "scamming." If a seller is rude in refusing your offer, keep your cool or stop commenting. If you're polite, the seller, not you, will earn a warning for poor behavior.

We've noticed a spike in this behavior lately and there seems to be a misconception that it's somehow allowed under our current rules. It absolutely is not okay and going forward, we just wanted to issue a heads-up that it will carry official consequences. If you are a seller and receive these kinds of comments from a potential buyer or another community member, notify a mod. If you are a buyer and a seller is rude in rejecting your offer, please let a mod know.

And that's all from us today! As always, thanks for reading and using the EGL Sales Community!