August 8th, 2012

A Guide to Illegal Replica Items

So, you've heard about these crazy illegal replicas on EGL or some other community- but you're not sure just what they are. It's okay, in lolita these terms can be pretty confusing! We have a guide (complete with images) to explain, in general, what kinds of replica items are okay- and what kinds are unacceptable. Please note that this guide is not 100% complete and does not contain an exhaustive, hard-and-fast list of what items are okay for sale, and what kinds of items aren't. If you have an item that you feel falls into a grey area or an area not covered by the guide, just PM a moderator! We're always happy to help clear up any questions you may have.

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EGL Rule Update: Illegal Replica Policy

Hi, everyone!

Back in June, we were contacted by a representative from Angelic Pretty. The representative expressed their concern over the fact that illegal replica items were hurting their business, and asked for our help in addressing the issue. In mid-July, they formally requested that we ban replica items from egl and egl_comm_sales. You can read that original announcement here. Since then, we've been working with them to craft an official policy regarding replicas on egl and its sister communities.

In addition to this ban, Angelic Pretty, Mary Magdalene, and Innocent World have all directly spoken out against replicas. You can read more about it by clicking on each brand's name to read their respective announcements.

Hopefully, this announcement will help clear up any lingering questions about the recent replica ban. It will also be linked in the rules if you have any questions going forward.

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oregon trail - wagon

DS: Chocolate Rosette head bow

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