July 12th, 2012


Tired of waiting for your sales post to be approved? How about some unmoderated posting?

Hey everyone! Recently, some members have been experiencing a particularly long wait to get sales posts approved for the egl_comm_sales. While we do have a lot of mods who are in charge of the sales comm, the unfortunate truth is that sometimes there are times when none of them can get online, leading to some particularly long wait times for posters. Luckily, we actually already have something in place so that users can completely bypass the queue, but it seems like many of you are unaware of it! If you want instant posting privileges to the sales comm check out this post on:

It's actually really really easy to get (certainly easier than waiting!). Pretty much all you have to do is have made 3 perfect posts in the last 18 months, have at least 3 positive feedbacks, not have had a warning in the past month, and not have been banned for any reason. While this describes most of the members who use the sales comm, only a handful have ever bothered signing up for unmoderated posting!

Unfortunately, due to scammers, spammers, and people who have zero interest in using the comm as it's been designed, moderated posting is here to stay, but we definitely encourage every single person who knows how to use the sales comm properly (which is so many of you guys who are still waiting for posts to be approved!) to apply for unmoderated posting!

So if you're tired of the wait, check out this post about unmoderated posting! The link for it is right at the top of the sales comm page