July 5th, 2012

INFO POST: seller faerydragonet banned from hosting GOs

Dear users,

due to the many problems that occurred with group orders hosted by the seller faerydragonet, this seller is now permanently banned from hosting any more GOs here on this community. We would strongly advise you to stay away from her GOs on other communities and sites like facebook and not to participate in any of them.

Additionally, she was temp banned from this community for three months for poor communication over many months as well as selling a participant's dress to someone else while only offering her a partial refund. She is expected to use these three months to sort out all problems there are with the past GOs.
Anyone who has participated in one of her GOs, please stay in touch with us and let us know if she finally gave you what you paid for. If she fails to do so, her ban will either be extended or changed into a permanent ban from this community.

ATTN seller posts about this issue can be found here and here. If you have questions or information regarding this matter, please contact me or any member of the mod team via private message. If you don't want to contact us personally, you can also submit a message to the Anonymous Report Center.