June 29th, 2012


There has again been a case of a fake invoice been sent to a buyer (sent by a scammer, not by the seller who was supposed to send one), because they posted their paypal address openly in the sales post and in the small time frame between the posting of the address and when the seller could screen that comment, the scammer got hold of the address and sent out a wrong invoice. We must say this again very insistently:


If you do so, we can not really do much to help you if you get scammed. This is your own responsibility, please take it seriously and protect yourself!
If you want to leave your paypal address for an invoice, please only send it via pm. If you place it to reserve your spot in a sale, please leave a comment along the lines of "pming you my paypal" instead. If you have already posted your paypal address, ask the seller or a mod to screen the comment for you and check back with the seller about the paypal address you should be expecting the invoice from!

The scammer's paypal address is crazy_lolixx@hotmail.com, please watch out. If you have received an invoice from this address, do not pay it! If you have already sent a payment, file a paypal claim immediately.

If you have any questions or information about this, you can comment here or message a mod anytime. If you don't want to contact us personally, you can also leave a comment at our anonymous report center.