June 20th, 2012

IMPORTANT: scammer warning!!

We have found that there is a scammer around, using several different accounts that we were able to connect with each other. Current sales posts of this seller(s) are frozen, please make sure that you are not buying from any of them.

We have information gathered from many different sources that all link the following accounts together:


All of these accounts are now banned from the sales comm. Please assist us in keeping this person away from our community by reporting things such as suspicious, newly created accounts of a german seller who is trying to sell the same items as presented in these accounts' sales posts and journals and other hints that a new account might belong to them. Every help is much appreciated and can also be submitted anonymously to our report center here:
We are also doing our best to keep them out :)

If you are currently in a transaction with this person, please do not send your payment. If you have already sent a payment, file a paypal claim immediately.

Mods of angelicpoodle and dunkelsuess have already been notified.

DS: Moving Sale!

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