April 13th, 2012

Whitelist Poll

Sorry for the delay in posting this! A bad bout of the stomach flu really got in the way of my comm-related duties.

Even if you would like to keep the whitelist as-is, please take a look on the poll and vote in it! There are three options: Keep it the same, keep it the same and add some brands, and redo it from scratch. If there is an option you feel hasn't been covered in this poll, please mention it in the comments.

And a little bit about how we'll be making the final decision: For the choice as to whether keep the current whitelist or change it, the decision will be made via simple majority- if more people want to keep the whitelist (or keep it with additions), it stays. If more people want to change it completely, it goes. For the choice of adding brands, we'll look into adding those brands which a sizeable minority (20% or more) of users would like to see added based on all responses. 

Anyways, sorry in advance for the length of the poll- I wanted to be as thorough as possible but this made it a little unwieldy :c I tried my best to suggest every sub/sister/related brand I could hunt down, but I'm far from perfect and I'm sure there was at least one that I missed. And there was probably a brand that someone would like to see that I wasn't able to catch, either. In this case, please comment with the brand you'd like to see added to the list so we can consider it for inclusion.

Also, since in the past we have gotten a lot of requests for the inclusion of brands to the whitelist but haven't had a procedure to handle such requests, we'll be putting one in place shortly. Lolita, like any other fashion, grows and changes constantly, and new brands are constantly being created. We hope that going forward the whitelist can reflect this.

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