April 5th, 2012


New Tags, and Whitelist Update- Input Needed!

First up, two minor updates: By popular demand, tags for miniskirts (item:miniskirt) and salopettes (item:salopette) have been added. Additionally, the list of what may and may not be sold has been expanded to more thoroughly cover non-lolita-specific undergarments (e.g. underwear and bras) and makeup items. Please note this isn't a change for how we moderate, this expansion was just created to provide further clarification on items that weren't thoroughly covered.

Secondly, a larger update that will require some input from the community!

The whitelist was initially created in order to protect the sale of novelties or not-quite-lolita items that were produced by lolita brands (think BTSSB's calendars or AP's salopettes). Unfortunately, it's caused a great deal of confusion and contention on the community, with people utilizing it to make sales posts full of items primarily meant for other styles. This can be a little hard to swallow when, say, a pair of jeans that really could not be worked into a lolita coordinate is allowed to be posted to the community, merely because it is from a whitelisted brand- while a loliable purse is not allowed merely because the user in question is not posting it with unquestionably lolita items.

With this in mind, we'd like to redo the whitelist from scratch, with community input :) Right now, we'll be taking suggestions for brands. In one week, we'll post up an official poll where users can cast their votes on which brands should make it onto the final whitelist.

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DA: AP Cherry Berry Bunny OP in Sax Blue; DS for 31 accessories with 20% reduced prices

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