April 1st, 2012

Reductions, 75/25 Rule, Whitelist, Appeals of Removed Items, Anon-enabled ARC

Hi, everyone! Just a couple of quick updates:

Since taking reductions to keep posts in line with the 4-week rule has seemed to cause a few members some trouble lately, we just wanted to offer a quick explanation of how to take them correctly :) Here's the easiest way to do it:

(Original Price) x (0.8) = New reduced price

How did we get this answer? Well, when reducing your prices, you need to reduce them by a minimum of 20% of the total. This means your reduced price is 80% of the original. This is the same thing as 0.8 of the original price... so the easiest way to get the correct reduction is to multiply by 0.8 :)

Additionally, please note that you can't take shipping, fees, or anything like that into account when you're making reductions. You need to reduce by 20% or more, end of story, and if you have shipping and fees included in your original price, you can't charge separately for them in a reduction post in order to earn a little bit more money. If you're concerned about losing money on shipping, charge for it separately from the start! We will hand out a warning if you reduce correctly and then add in a few dollars to cover the cost of shipping.

75/25 Rule
We've noticed a couple of complaints lately about items that are "not lolita" being allowed on the community solely on the basis of brand name. We originally did this for a simple reason: Lolita brands happen to produce a lot of items that aren't 100% lolita; however, there's still a lot of interest in the community for such items from these brands so we allow them to be sold. We're talking about things like AP's salopettes, Baby's novelty plates and planners, and so on- these are items that aren't really lolita, but there is a high demand for them from lolitas and there aren't many other places they can be sold or bought. So we allow them onto the community without question. This is why you'll sometimes see items that "aren't lolita" being sold on a community that's meant for lolita items, and this is why we may reject an item that looks similar to once you've seen on the community in the past.

All items that aren't from whitelisted brands are, however, subject to the 75/25 rule and our quality guidelines. Please bear this in mind when making a post!

The Whitelist
On that note, during the coming week, we'll be redoing the whitelist and soliciting community suggestions for brands that should be included or removed. If you have a brand in mind that you would like to see added (or can think of a brand you'd like to see removed), please keep an eye out for a post from us during the next day or two!

Appealing Requests to Remove Items
If a mod rejects an item or ask you to remove an item, please be aware that you may always request an appeal by the entire moderation team. When it comes to defining "lolita," "loliable," and "not lolita," there's always a certain degree of subjectivity involved- not every moderator or user will define these terms in the same way. While we try our best to maintain standard definitions of these terms, it's not always possible to do so. That's why we have a team of moderators rather than a few solitary mods: we're here to check and double-check one another's decisions and actions.

So in light of this, please don't be afraid to ask for a review or appeal if your opinion differs from a moderator's! If you don't feel comfortable asking the moderator who rejected your item originally, go ahead and submit photos of it to the Anonymous Report Center or to another sales moderator via PM (see the sidebar for a complete list). If you have specific reasons as to why the item in question should be allowed, please feel free to list them when submitting your item for review. We'll then review the item as a team and make a decision as to whether or not it should be allowed for sale. If we reverse the decision, we'll allow you to immediately repost.

Anon-Enabled ARC
There is an Anonymous Report Center with anon comments enabled located here. IP tracking is turned off, as well. This was made in direct response to user request; however, we've noticed that not many people use it in spite of the fact that it's linked in both ARCs. We're just wondering whether this is because users only rarely have occasion to use this ARC, or because users simply don't realize that it exists. If it's the latter reason, we'd like to know so we can more prominently feature this ARC so we can ensure that there are venues where all users will feel comfortable making suggestions, reporting issues, or airing their grievances. Please let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

And that's all for us today! Please keep an eye out for the post regarding the new whitelist later in the week, otherwise, feel free to comment with any questions or concerns below!
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