February 27th, 2012

Community rule update and clarification! Please read!

Since there were some difficulties with certain situations lately, we wanted to make a short update on the community rules to make things clearer. Basically there are no real changes or "new rules" as such, but only a clarification of existing rules, or the mentioning of something that has always been handled that way by the mods, but hasn't been in the rules before.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please let us know! :)


Since we are now rejecting uncut posts from the queue, it was high time to mention the by far easier way to create an lj-cut besides using html code in the accordant rule.
"You can create an LJ-cut by highlighting your whole post text with your mouse and clicking the "lj-cut" button on top of the text field."

Rule #8 is "new" in terms of "now a part of the written rules":
"You are responsible for all items posted for sale under your LiveJournal username.
This means you must maintain communication, ship in a timely manner, and handle all interactions with all buyers making purchases from your sales posts, even if your items are pieces sold on behalf of another user. Feedback may only be left for the creator of the sales post."


Rule #8 has been reworded:
"Please only leave feedback for transactions initiated through [info]egl_comm_sales on posts made by one of the transaction partners.
This is not a general livejournal or lolita feedback community. If you purchased something through the community sales, through an ebay auction advertised on the community sales, through a commissioner or shopping service advertised on the community sales etc then that's fine. Real life meetings, other forums transactions or other livejournal communities are not valid feedback. Furthermore, feedback may only be left for sales made via posts made by one of the transaction partners (buyer or seller). Feedback may not be left for transactions occurring on third-party posts.
If the egl_comm_sales post you try to leave feedback for appears to have been deleted, please contact a moderator before leaving feedback."

That last part is especially imporant. For understandable reasons we can not accept feedback from deleted posts (basically because we have no proof that it really included the item your feedback is about, was created/commented by the person you're leaving feedback for etc.), but we must prevent the deletion of posts to avoid negative feedback, so if you're about to leave feedback for a post that has been deleted, please contact a mod. We will find out who deleted the post and why, and if it was indeed deleted by the poster to avoid a negative (or even neutral), they will receive a warning for post deletion and your feedback will still be added. This is why it's important to let us check the situation first.

We come across deleted feedbacks every now and again (without any apparent reason, since they have often already been added), and must find a way to stop this. This is why there is a new rule about the deletion of feedback and other comments:
"10. Please do not delete comments.
It is not allowed to delete feedback comments. Since the last livejournal update, users can edit their comments until someone replies to them. If you made a mistake in your feedback or any other kind of comment, please check it in time and edit it yourself. If someone has already replied to your comment so you can't change it anymore, please just make another reply correcting your mistake. In no case you should just delete any comments, especially no feedback. If you wish to take back a feedback you left, please contact a moderator first, they will be able to screen your feedback comment if necessary."

Thank you for your time!

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