February 5th, 2012

USER POLL: ENDED, thank you!

Dear users,

taking a look at the community poll about uncut posts, I noticed that there is a very minimal difference between the two options "reject from the queue" and "accept with letting 24 hours to fix before deletion". Since we want this to be fair and find the solution that is the most acceptable for all, I think it's best to redo the poll, leaving out the third option that got the least votes (accept but with less time to fix), so everyone who voted for that will need to decide if they would rather not see uncut posts at the community anymore, or accept the 24 hours fixing time.

Please take the time to vote again! The poll will be closed on FRIDAY, February 10th.

Poll #1816818 Posts without lj-cut

Should posts without lj-cut be rejected from the queue?

Yes, reject
No, leave it as it was

Thank you very much for your time and participation!
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