February 3rd, 2012

Important reminders, PLEASE READ!

1. We currently have a user poll about posts without LJ-cut running here, if you haven't participated yet, please do so :) I'll be gone for the weekend, so when I come back on sunday, whatever will be the outcome of the poll will be implemented into the rules and consequences of the community. Thank you for your opinion!

2. We fairly often come across the situation lately, that a user asks us something, then when we try to reply, we find that they have enabled their privacy options so that noone who's not in their friendslist can send them messages (also not reply to sent messages). Before you contact a mod, please check your privacy options and make sure that we can send you messages!

3. If you're requesting a feedback page, we will reply with the link to your page as soon as it was created and screen both your request as well as the reply. You will not be able to see the reply with your link in it if you are not a member of the feedback community and have LJ notifications (so you'll get an email whenever someone replied to a comment of yours) turned off.
If you want to have feedback page, please enable LJ notifications and join the eglfeedback community. We are not ignoring or losing your request.

4. People keep trying to leave feedback without transaction URLs or for posts that have been deleted. Please make sure to read the community rules of the feedback community again. There are only feedbacks allowed that have a valid URL to a post made here on egl_comm_sales. If you buy from an EGL wardrobe post via PM, you can not leave feedback for it.

5. Hotlinking from Hello lace is not allowed. Please remember that.

6. WTB posts need to follow the same rules as all other posts. We had to reject a ton of WTB posts lately with no cut, not feedback page link, no subject, no tags, no location, etc. etc.
Please read the rules before posting, it saves you and us a lot of time!

7. Please also remind yourself of the new pricing rule: when you wish to repost an items as DS that you posted as DT before, you need to price it on the first post (=the DT one), or you have to wait 4 weeks before reposting it as DS. We give way too many warnings out for that rule :( Please be more careful.

Thank you for your time!