January 20th, 2012

a few reminders

Dear users,

since some information is hard to spread without plastering the communities with links, I'd like to post a little reminder and update here:

Please keep in mind that we can not create feedback pages for facebook users. If you are logged into LJ via facebook, we can also not send you messages. To use the egl communities, you need to have an livejournal account. If you are asking us a question using your facebook account, we can technically not reply to you. Not kidding, it really doesn't work!

The mod lists on each community got updated and we are currently working on some kind of status post of the mods, so you can easily see which mod is available when and your requests can be taken care of without long waiting times. If you have a question you'd like to contact a mod about, please make sure you're giving this a thought:
  1. To which community does your question belong? Please make sure to message a mod who is in charge of the community you need something from. You can find the active mods in the sidebar at the left of each community.
  2. If you need an answer urgently, please try to message a mod who lives in your time zone.
  3. Please do not send a message to all mods at the same time. If you want some matter to be discussed in the whole team, please just let the mod you're contacting know that your message should be posted to the mod forum. Since we always try to make decisions as a team, chances are that it will be posted there anyway.

✔ If you have problems with a buyer/seller, please don't just leave positive feedback or take no action at all for fear of retaliatory negative feedback. Before adding a negative feedback to your page, we will hear both sides, and when you have done nothing wrong, you can not receive negative feedback just because you addressed a problem with the transaction. You can trust us to maintain the feedback community in a fair way and that we won't accept retaliatory or downright invented feedback at all. If there is any kind of problem, please don't hesitate to seek the advice of a mod. We deal with lots of different situations and problems every day and (almost always) know what to do, and we will do our best to help you.

Thanks for your attention and have a nice weekend! C: ♥