January 8th, 2012

About !attention buyer/seller posts and tag

Dear users,

we have noticed that some people started to use the !attention buyer/seller tag for their sales or WTB posts, because they don't seem to know what it is for. To prevent this keeping to happen, I'd like to give a short explanation of that kind of post.

An attention buyer/seller post is a way to contact a buyer or seller you have lost contact with during a transaction. Maybe they stopped replying to messages and comments, or even deleted the post your transaction has taken place at. Chances are that they see the public post with their username on it and feel urged to reply, or anyone who knows them personally sees it and can tell them to contact you.

Important rules about attention posts:

- NEVER publish personal information about the buyer or seller in question, such as their real name, their paypal address, their shipping address, telephone number etc. No matter how severe the situation seems to you, posting personal information publicly without the permission of the person concerned is NOT allowed and your post will be deleted if you do so.
- Please only make an attention post when money has already changed hands. People keep coming to me, asking if they can make an attention post about a seller they'd like to buy an item from, but who doesn't reply to their comment on the sales post. This is NOT what an attention post is for.
- Please don't be too hasty with making a post, but don't wait too long either. Give your transaction partner the chance to reply to you before pillorying them. Normally we don't suggest to make a post within one week of no communication, after that it's fine to post. Not everyone has stable internet access, or time to check messages/comments every day. But even if there was some kind of emergency, everyone should be able to get back to their customers within a full week.
An exception is when the time window for opening a paypal dispute is already closing. If you feel that you've been scammed and are afraid of losing the chance to get your money back, do what must be done to protect yourself.

If you have any questions, feel free to comment here or send me or another member of the sales comm mod team a message, we're happy to help you out.