December 4th, 2011

The things you own end up owning you

DS: Closet Cleaning- 9 dresses, coat, 6 tops, 4 shoes + More!

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WTB: Lolita or loliable coat, $120 or under and by 12/19

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I've tried everywhere- closetchild, qutieland, clobbaonline, etc- but I can't find a coat I like within my budget. I could do with a regular winter coat, but I'm really eager to get expand my lolita wardrobe, and I'm still a bit heartbroken after realizing the Dream of Lolita coat I wanted won't be done in time.

So if anyone is selling a coat or knows where I can find a nice one, I'd be sooo happy. I like Sweet and Classic styles, and I'd consider some kind of long peacoat I can fit a skirt under loliable, or anything super frilly.

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