October 21st, 2011

Announcing Some New Tags!

During the closure, we had numerous requests for the addition of new tags to describe items' type, color, and style. While we ultimately decided that style tags would be too contentious, after a little discussion we've come up with a list of item and color tags that will hopefully satisfy everyone in the community :)

Please note that you must always include the post type and brand name tags in your post. The color and item type tags are optional! Additionally, please note that we expect you to accurately tag your posts- so don't tag your post with "color:black" and "angelic pretty" if you're selling a replica dress that has a black outline around a cake in the print- that's considered false advertising. Anyone caught doing this will be asked to remove the offending tags within 24 hours or risk post deletion.

Furthermore, please note that we're doing this as a trial. If we have too many issues with people abusing the tags in an attempt to increase traffic on their posts, we will not hesitate to remove them from the community. So please use these responsibly!

Finally, we'd just like to point out that, in an attempt to keep things simple, we tried to minimize the number of color and item type tags and adopted broad categorizations in favor of specifics. So rather than having separate tags for blue, navy, sax, and electric blue, we just have a "blue" tag. Similarly, instead of having tags for t-shirts, tank tops, and camisoles, we simply have a "cutsew" tag. If you're not clear where your item falls, please read on for some brief descriptions of each tag.

And without further ado, an explanation of the new tags :D

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