October 1st, 2011

  • tolrak

URGENT DS!: Loliable coat

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I don't reserve items
First loli in leave her paypal account gets the item! :)

I sell this cute loliable coat from H&M (it was very popular in EGL a few years ago ;D). 


It's grey, size 36 (EUR) and in perfect condition (but I don't sell the fake fur collar). 

The measures are:

Bust: 42 cm
Shoulders: 39 cm
Sleeves: 60 cm
Waist: 39 cm

It has a lovely flare, really nice for lolita style :)

My picture: 

Price: 30€ (Paypal fees are not included).
Shipping costs: 7€ to Spain, 13€  to Europe and 17€ to US (tracked and registered mail).

Thanks a lot for looking ^^