September 21st, 2011

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Suggestion Post

While EGL and its sister communities are closed, we will be soliciting suggestions from members to consider upon our return.

Please note that all suggestions will not be implemented- and those suggestions which we do opt to use may not be implemented until later in the year. We will announce and keep you updated on the status of those ideas which we do choose to use.

Rules for submission:
1. All comments are screened. We will be manually unscreening them, so please be patient and only post your comment once.
2. In the subject of your comment, please state the community which it is for (EGL, sales, feedback).
3. The remainder of your comment should follow this format:
Brief Summary of Your Suggestion: (1-2 sentences at most)
Outside Tools Necessary for its Implementation: (e.g. graphic designer, web hosting space, crowbar, etc.)
Cost: (if Applicable)
Additional Details or Explanation:

Please skim through the comments to make sure your idea has not already been presented! If yours is only different from an existing suggestion in a small way, please comment as a reply with "Amendment" in the topic field.

If you agree with an existing suggestion, simply reply to it with a "+1" in your comment's subject field, and your reasoning (if applicable) in the body.

If you disagree with an existing suggestion, please reply to it with a "-1" in the comment's subject field, and present your reasoning (if applicable) in the comment's body.

Thank you, and we look forward to hearing from all of you!