September 16th, 2011

  • laiferr

Warning about mis-use of tags & EGLFB Search

Lately I noticed that a lot of people misuse the tags. For example, tagging a replica angelic pretty dress with 'angelic pretty' is not correct. What you are selling is not angelic pretty, so this is misleading, especially when certain people are vague in their posts about if it is a replica or not. This goes for any brand, please don't use the vivienne westwood tag when selling replica shoes, or an-ten-na when your shoes are an-tai-na etc. There is a *replica tag to make searching for replicas easier, as well as 'dream of lolita', 'secret shop' and other replica companies. Please let us know if there are companies missing you want added.

Also, some people just use tags that have absolutely nothing to do with their sales posts, and again this is not correct. Please do not attempt to get more 'publicity' by adding irrelevent tags, because if you abuse this often enough, it could lead to moderator action.


(Edit) Search function added to eglfeedback located on the sidebar
50% of the time, it work every time! Let me know how it goes.