September 6th, 2011

[WTB] Yellow Merry Making Party socks or Matching UTKs or OTKs

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EGL feedback:
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I'm looking for these socks for about 30-40$ OR trade (I make jewelery and Accessories):

I'll also consider buying or trading for similar brand or offbrand socks: Yellow base with fushia and/or blue.

thanks girls !

DS! Angelic Pretty, BTSSB, Chocomint 2way clips + 20% Reductions

Collapse )* International buyers welcomed.
* No tradesat at this time.
* All sales are final, no refunds or exchanges.
* Prices are negotiable. I NEED THIS STUFF GONE!!!
* First to leave their paypal gets priorty
* My Feedback

Angelic Pretty
Polka Dot Ribbon Pins
$4.00 each / $15 for all 4
Blue - SOLD
Pink - SOLD
White - SOLD
US Shipping $1
International Shipping $3

Baby The Stars Shine Bright 'BTSSB'
$60 obo
US Shipping $5.00
International Shipping $10.00

Chocomint 2 way Clips
Star 'Gold' $18 obo - SOLD
Tea Pot/Cup $18 obo - SOLD
US Shipping $2
International Shipping $5

Red Balls on Fire 'Reverend' Gothic Trench Coat
$100 $80 obo
US Shipping $10.95
International Shipping $30 (this coat is heavy)

Proof Pic
Measurements Size: Medium Sleeve Length: 26 in Length 57 in Bought brand new and only worn 1 time by myself. One button on each sleeve cuff is missing. Note, this is a very long coat. I am 5'9 and this coat hits the floor on me. Perfect for an egl with great platforms. Still in wonderful condition.

Tarina Tarantino
Lucite Skull Bracelet 'Black'
$50 $40 obo
US Shipping $5
International Shipping $10

Proof Pic

GO: Want to Split Innocent world *Oddment Items Lucky Pack* CLOSED!

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7. Rosary Styled Ribbon Necklace
Problems: None found
8. Folding Umbrella
Problems: None found
9. Arm Warmers
Problems: None found -- the thumb wholes are pretty far up (they would go up to my first nuckle, i have short hands) and are made for small arms.
10. Museum bear tote bag
Problems: None found

11. Pearl Ribbon Head Dress
Problems: Sewing is not stight on this one but once it is on, I don't think anyone would notice much.
12. Linderhof Head Dress
Problems: One of the roses needs to be re-glued.
Three Credit Items

13. Rosine Half Bonnet
problems: the sewing that contects the brim to the base is uneven.

14. Rose Lace Cummerbund Belt
Problems: None found

15. Heart Scallop Basket Bag
Problems: light discoration on the backside of staps.

16.Tulle Lace Square Pullover
Problems: None found
17. Melon Sleeve Pullover
Problems: None found
18.Romaine Cut Onepiece
Problems: None found
Four Credit Items

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: Missing a button. One button is covered with the lace so you could take that one and put it in the missing spot and put a plain button at the neck.


Problems: None found
Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: it looks like there was something that could attach to this blouse on the sleves but I can't find a stock picture of this blouse. If you remove the snaps on the outside of the blouse it looks 100% finished.

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Five Credit Items

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Problems: Missing missing some fabric from the sholder starps, shorder stap not fully snown in to left side bust.
Damage 1
Danage 2

Six Credit Items

Problems: None found

Problems: None found

Ten Credit Item

I believe this should have a petticoat of some sort but it does not.


DS/DT: 4weeks repost: Meta LP stuff

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I've got some items for sale. But I'm also interested in trade/partial trade for things on my wishlist ~~> I'm also interested in AP Bags (or Loris Replicas of them) and Tea Partys size 26cm in red, black, gold, pink :)
~ Prices are in € [EURO]
~ The shipping + paypal fees are not included in the prices
~ Paying via Paypal (or bank transfer for german buyers)
~ Items from pet free and smoke free home
~ Please leave your paypaladdress to confirm your interest
~ If you don't like the price, feel free to make an offer, as long as it's reasonable

~ My proof: A Mini-Angelic Pretty Magical Pony Handbag for Dolls
~ My feedback:

Metamorphose Headband
Condition: 5/5 Totally new, never worn, never tried on.
Price 9€ SOLD

Metamorphose Rose 2-Way-Clip
Condition: 5/5 Totally new, never worn, never tried on.
Price 12€

Metamorphose mini towl
Condition: 5/5 Totally new, only opened the plastic bag to get the price tag
Price 4€

Metamorphose Bloomers
Condition: 5/5 Totally new, never worn, never tried on.
Price 18€ SOLD

Metamorphose Chiffon Blouse
Condition: 5/5 Totally new, never worn, never tried on.
Price 40 € SOLD

Metamorphose Chiffon JSK (inlc. the white underskirt)
Condition: 5/5 Totally new, never worn, only tried on.
Fully shirred, but not recommended for bust over 120cm!
Price 80€

If you have any Questions, please let me know and i will be glad to help you <3
And for looking on the big pictures -

Kind regards