September 5th, 2011

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DS: offbrand socks

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* Prices are in Euro.
* Tell me your location and I will calculate the shipping.
* I accept Paypal or bank transfer for EU buyers.
* Items will be shipped one day after payment is received!
* I'll only send tracked packages. If you do not want that, tell me so.
* All sales are final, no refunds.

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DS: Atelier Pierrot fully shirred OP, Metamorphose window print long JSK

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Egl feedback page:
Prices are in US dollars. Shipping is not included in prices.
First to leave paypal address gets the item.
Please DO NOT send PMs to secure an item.
Serious buyers only, please.
Here's what I'm selling...

Metamorphose window print JSK
This is a lolita maxi length dress with a cute vest attached. Very long. I wish I could have worn it, but it does not fit me.
*Please note:  After I made this post, someone else found a small area on the back where the print has run. *
Bust: 38 max
Waist/underbust: 26-36"
-The bodice is an open "vest" in the front, and there is a shirring panel underneath that.
Length: 53"
Selling for $130

Atelier Pierrot X Tsubaki Toori OP
This is one of the most beautiful dresses I've owned, unfortunately the colour does not suit me.
Size is almost free due to full shirring
Worn twice Once by me and once by the previous owner.
There is a tiny dark patch approximately 2cm in diameter. This is shown in the 4th photo.
I bought it for 210 Euros (approx $300 US), I'm selling it for $230 US obo

Print detail



Dark patch

Thank you for looking :D


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